Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Monday -
Tim Davies is presenting Early News.


give Mark Calvert and Darren Wick a call, I’m sure they’re anxious to see how you go, considering you blast whomever else is doing the gig. :slight_smile:


Gee it has been a while; he is a good newsreader


Monday -
Mark Burrows presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


Yes ring Mark Calvert and explain how awful his wife is as a Newsreader, that will go down well.






As I’ve probably said numerous times over the past 18 months or more, Nine News Sydney needs a meteorologist but more importantly (because let’s be realistic here, barring something unprecedented TCN won’t dare kick Pete or Cam off the bulletin), they need a female meteorologist to be their main weather presenter and to fix up the coverage/presentation of the forecast in general. Nine News Sydney weather in front of the giant curved screen looks absolutely ridiculous and did the coverage improve as a result of that? I’d probably say no.

Right now, only Ten News and their absolute joke of a lead forecaster & coverage (I’m sure even people who don’t live in Sydney/NSW are well aware of how bad they are) is really stopping Nine News from holding the dubious honour of having “Sydney’s worst TV weather coverage & presenters” IMO!

I personally think Belinda Russell is far more suitable to reporting rather than news/weather presenting (similar deal with Mark Burrows & Peter Stefanovic), while superior presenters/reporters like Jayne, Sophie & Davina currently aren’t used by Nine to their fullest potential. A resurgent Ten news/current affairs department really should try and sign up the latter three, along with maybe some of the quality talent that has fled Seven News Sydney in recent times…but I digress!


Alicia spoke to Clint on the Afternoon News today.


I’m in Melbourne tonight (drew the short straw) and I have to say, Pete is just fantastic. Head and shoulders the best anchor in Australia.


That’s why he’s Melbourne’s #1 :wink:


Tuesday (23.10.2018): Deborah Knight presented the Early News.


Wednesday - Friday :

Tim Davies presented Early News.



Kate Collins in for Will McDonald on 9 News tonight, she didn’t do Fridays bulletin.


Alicia Muling is presenting sport in Melbourne this weekend.


(27/10/2018) Rob Canning presenting sport in Sydney tonight.


Both Alicia M And Rob Are filling Respectively for Clint who’s on that Ride for Ovarian Cancer Research And Erin who’s in Melbourne Hosting Fast 5 Netball.


Love seeing Rob Canning on Sydney’s news. He’s a class act. Another great talent nurtured by Ten with Nine now benefiting from that investment.