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I think the BEST solution to all of this is for NBN and Nine regionals to do MORE local news… doing 10 mins of news/sport as they do now in my opinion isn’t really enough and is barely adequate. I think that option would please more viewers than anything else.

But as we all know, that’s highly unlikely to happen.


If the additional media reforms are passed (increasing local content requirements), how much news would the regional stations be required to broadcast (it’s evident that no other form of local content will be taken on in the forseable future).

I think more resources would be needed for regional news at Nine/NBN (more reporters and camera crews, etc.) if you wanted to boost the amount of quality local news stories. Of course that probably won’t happen anytime soon.

To fill a full half hour bulletin, some of the other regional networks often rely on “generic regional items” filler pieces and local news stories which probably should be left to the free weekly local newspapers. Do we really want to see that type of content on Nine/NBN?

While I obviously couldn’t say exactly what ACMA would do, I personally think it would be fairly reasonable to expect regional networks to do at least 30 minutes of locally relevant news, sports & weather on weeknights + 15 minutes on weekends and public holidays. Under such a proposal, at least half of the required local content (15 minutes on weeknights, 8 or so minutes on weekends/public holidays) would have to be presented during a news bulletin which airs between 5pm and 7.30pm.

Incentives would also be provided for regional networks who produce and present their regional news services from within the relevant broadcast licence area, so we can avoid the current ridiculousness of having Nine News Canberra presented from Sydney and Prime7 Local News for the NSW North Coast presented from Canberra, etc.


This should explain it

Most importantly, it proposes some local content being generated in areas where it is currently not a requirement to do so, like regional WA and SA

The key being “regional broadcasters that are party to a trigger event” - so nothing would change or be required under current ownership.

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Does Nine still have news bureaux/studios and reporters in Los Angeles and London?

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LA reporters- Robert Penfold, Lizzie Pearl
Europe reporters, Amelia Ballinger, Michael Best, Seb Costello.

Though I believe the London/Europe bureaux were ceased in 2009 for budget cuts, however were reopened within months.

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I agree that seems the most logical outcome, but I don’t think it will be that soon. I think there are a few more variables at play as to when and if it happens.

  1. Nothing will move to Tasmania until SCA have moved to their new Launceston premesis, which currently has no set date.
  2. Nothing needs to move until SCA move out of their current Canberra premesis which also has no set date.
  3. It depends what SCA do with their playout centre. If they chose to build a new one in Canberra, then there’s less reason to move those news bulletins.
  4. It depends what SCA’s plans are for Darwin/Central/SA/Tasmania. Although if they were to be sold, they’d presumably be sold as a block given they are all 7 affiliates (or the main channel is at least in SA) - so that would support the case to centralize the news for those channels.

All that said, I think it would be the best move when the time comes to move them all to Tasmania - means they aside from field reporters, they only need to maintain studios, cameras, reporters, operators etc in one location, which can only be a good thing for the noodle updates and SA given how few staff are involved in them and how often they need to pull in relief staff to cover leave etc.


I don’t know about that - in Canberra at least there is a large appetite for international news, which is why ABC is blowing Nine out of the water.

The main reference I have is for very, very local Sydney stories appearing in the first half of the Canberra news. Not even NSW State politics, but things like a local bus service issue or house burning down in the Western Suburbs. Surely SOMETHING more interesting happened in Australia that day.

Nine should experiment with the story mix and see how it goes (the producers should be considering this regularly as it’s a zero cost way of better appealing to the audience).


The proposal states an increase from a minimum 90 points per week to 120 points per week - or 12 minutes of news per weekday with an average of 15 mins per weekday in any 6 week period. We’d hardly notice the difference.

I think you’re giving them too much credit in terms of having their “reasons”. There are loads of stories the Nine pool to choose from (Nine runs HOURS of news everyday). I am flagging poor story choices by Sydney-based producers who are most likely underpaid and overworked.

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I’m sure both NBN and Nine News Regionals would know what news are available to them, I don’t think they are stupid or ignorant. When you also consider before NBN was sold to Nine, they did run a few stories sourced from ABC/CBS America.

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No, I don’t think they are stupid either. I’m just pointing out (as a trained, experienced journalist) that the producers in Sydney are making strange and inappropriate story choices when putting together the Canberra bulletin - probably because they are in a rush. It’s the audience in Canberra who will ultimately decide if the news appeals to them and this will be reflected in the ratings.

Tell me, why do you think Canberrans would be interested in a story about a bus service that goes from the West of Sydney to Wollongong Uni? When it came on, it felt like the wrong bulletin was going to air. Do you not think it is a mistake to include stories like these?

I don’t believe there is some sort of Divine Nine News god that knows better than the local audience what’s good for them - I think the producers just thought “Oh, Canberra’s out that way, and the story is “local”, just pop it in”. Newsrooms are notoriously understaffed and the crew at Nine Regional are all learning as they go. Let’s not pretend they are experts - Nine even admitted it was a huge challenge.


I don’t think they even think of Canberra (nor much of the other variations either); I guess it was probably ‘…Oh, that’s in NSW, south of us, so it’ll be right for the Southern NSW bulletin…’


Updated Promo (Same as the previous version but with different highlights):


In response to my post concerning backdrops for the local bulletins, I found a mock by @NQCQTV2 that displays what I said perfectly.

Forget about the fake window that blocks the top and bottom third of the backdrop, have a simple image. Then they can do static wide shots (first story, sports handover) that don’t look out of whack.


Vanessa is presenting the weather.


@Read_It_First, how are the Queensland bulletins going? Are they on track? Do you know who will be doing sport?

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