Nine News Content and Appearance


thank god they are slowly bringing back voiceovers. Hopefully the weekday 6PM news is up next.


What do you mean? The GC and weekend news has always had a VO.


Dual standing opening


I mean voiceovers announcing the anchors.


Looks like floating hosts to me


I don’t know where to put this but on The hot breakfast this morning they were laughing about Tony Jones making some pretty disapproving sounds on air last night :rofl:.


Ch. 9 at around 4.27pm Sydney time was the worst bit of television I’ve seen in a long time.
Doing pointless tweets at the wall with the weather presenter… why? And the tweets wouldn’t match up with her read. Then you couldn’t read the tweets. Her mic was on and off.
Then back to the newsreader who had no mic on and random wide shots of people not ready, then back to weather girl walking off set looking awkward.
What the hell is going on? Just keep it simple. Show me the pictures full frame and get on with the facts.


No local Afternoon News on Nine today. Instead they have had rolling coverage on the Christchurch Mosque Shooting since 1pm AEDST with Davina Smith and Ross Greenwood with Belinda Russell covering social media.

It is reportedly continuing up until the 6pm News in Sydney and Melbourne.


Hot Seat is on…


And Brisbane now has our local Afternoon News.


In Brisbane the afternoon weather and overall presentation looked rather ‘sunny’

Considering the weather radar looked like this


6:22pm on a big news day - time for a message from one of our sponsors!

Edit: Next ad break:


Local 5pm news is airing in Queensland tonight. Jonathan Uptin is presenting news and weather with Michael Atkinson on sport.


Any reason for it being local tonight?


Probably because of the time difference between NSW & QLD. Once the Southern states move their clocks back in a couple of weeks, Queensland will have the NRL directly leading into the 6pm news just as NSW does.


Am I the only one that finds the voiceover for this TLN promo sounding the exact same to Channel 9’s intros and promos for NT and QLD?

Compare with:


And it would have only been about 25 mins long as the NRL ran overtime.


Was going to say yeah, sounds very much like that NT VO. Probably the same person.


There will be a locally produced 5pm bulletin every Sunday for the next month or so- while the NRL is live in Sydney time.




Budget 2019

Being an election year, Budget 2019 will be one to watch. Live from Canberra with Peter Overton and Nine’s Finance Editor Ross Greenwood as well as analysis from Chris Uhlmann.