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I reckon I’ve seen worse than that, granted, it’s not the best I’ve seen either.


What is with QTQ’s obsession with money?
These “special reports” are so often money-based stories.


2D pens. :rage:


Is this a new study about money, or money for study?

Clearly the company has been trying to save some with these craptacular graphics.


While QTQ’s 6pm bulletins are certainly not the shining star of the network at the moment, credit must be given to the afternoon bulletins coming out of Queensland at the moment. Lately, they have been on-point and head and shoulders above any other afternoon bulletin coming out of Nine. Particularly on show during the Townsville floods. Put those producers in charge of the station. It would flourish.


Money Money Money

Wednesday’s news

Today’s promo


Can you believe this is the same network who in their Sydney news bulletin on Tuesday night, ran a “Special Report” about an investigation they did in relation to major maintenance problems at local hospitals?

At least a subject matter like that is a bit more serious and probably more likely to have lasting implications than the various money stories (usually something to do with saving/winning money, I suspect) from QTQ! :confused:


Is this graphic from a Nine News report, or The Price is Right? :stuck_out_tongue:


When I first saw that $3,000 graphic, it instantly reminded me of the graphic used in “Sale Of The Century”… It looked almost exactly like that!


Wendy Kingston is the stand out for me. However, the 4pm bulletin is still easily beaten by Seven.

A question Brisbane management need to be asking is “Would this go to air on the Sydney bulletin?”

TBH, if any reporters, editors or producers delivered the same packages to TCN management, you can guarantee that they will be lauged at, all the way back across the border.


Seems to be an obsession of theirs. Can remember one a few months ago about getting the most out of “your Centrelink benefit”


It’s been that way for many decades. I’d say it started with the Extra program that was filled with reports on how to save money. Then when the news went to 60 minutes the reports found another home.

And in tonight’s Nine “News” Brisbane


Capped just now. I often wonder if the live shot behind them is pre-recorded just in case. I understand there is a camera ontop of St Aloysius in Kirribilli.




Nine News Queensland/Gold Coast Montages from 10th, 11th and 15th February 2019


Great upload Zampa. I have noticed since you moved from YouTube to that the video hosting quality on Archive is far superior to YouTube.


I’d like to watch them all, but the video player only supports 1080p capable internet plans.


More quality journalism from Nine Brisbane - they can’t be serious! :open_mouth:


A worrying story made notable by the vision of ACMA inspectors with radio direction finding equipment!