Nine News Content and Appearance


Good to see that Nine News Queensland has their priorities in order! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What the heck is ‘News you can use’ suppose to mean? News that viewers can use to make up their shopping list for the week?


Was it an ad for ALDI by chance?


Standing opener on Gold Coast.


Wow, they are not even trying to hide their ALDI obsession now and just admit it :joy:

I find the use of a question mark odd for just a story about a supermarket item.


Tweets from Nine Queensland ending with “Queensland is watching the number one news hour” - what does that mean? The bulletin isn’t number one and isn’t a Queensland wide bulletin.



Another story about Aldi coming up at 6. Bruce reacts!


Isn’t it just a little ridiculous to promote cheap milk at Aldi given the recent push to support farmers? Especially for Nine News Bris-I mean, Queensland.


Gold Coast gets its own cyclone coverage promo


That is the ugliest graphic I have seen


I understand it is just for Jono. Peter Harvey’s “This is Nine News Queensland…” will still be used during the week.


Personally, I think it’s time they replaced the Peter Harvey voiceovers.

He has been dead for nearly 6 years already.

They have had a good run.


Due to Nine’s coverage of the Oscars, a national Afternoon News is airing today (except Melbourne and Perth) to compensate the time difference in Brisbane and Adelaide. In these later states, the local edition will still follow.

A local Sydney weather forecast was still provided. :roll_eyes:


Plus references to reports coming in more detail at 6pm that are about NSW politics.


While you can understand why Nine are sentimental about Peter Harvey (particularly in Sydney, where there’s a painting of him hanging up in the newsroom), I also think it’s time for his voiceover recordings to be retired.

Mind you, knowing what TCN are like I’m kind of surprised they haven’t followed in the footsteps of their colleagues in Melbourne by having Peter Overton do the Opening VOs for Deborah Knight and the other secondary newsreaders (Mark Burrows, Sophie Walsh, Jayne Azzopardi, etc.) + the Southern NSW/ACT bulletins.


Did all markets get the report on the Married At First Sight contestant?



BTW - there was no interview apart from this one question


Since when did this become news?


You can’t even really tell who it is in the last cap thanks to those logos!


Brisbane’s bulletin gets worse as each day goes by