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Saw this in the letters section in today’s Herald Sun.

IT is with great sadness that after 50-odd years I am saying goodbye to Channel 9’s 6pm news.

It was bad enough when it replaced Laurie Oakes as chief political reporter with Chris Uhlmann, who has family ties to Labor, but following the merger with Fairfax, the biased nature of political stories is now starting to resemble the drivel put out on the ABC.

Thank goodness we still have Channel 7, Sky News and the Herald Sun for a balanced view of Australian politics.

M.G. Free, Mt Martha

Something must be very wrong with the Melbourne bulletin that he or she is not watching it any more.


Hmm…we can probably guess what side of politics that reader leans towards!

Not sure what the ex-Fairfax papers have been like since the merger, but I would’ve thought Nine News’ is reasonably impartial (perhaps slightly to the right of centre, but even so Uhlmann & O’Keefe here in NSW have broken stories which haven been entirely friendly to the Coalition) for the most part.


Lmao, Chris Uhlmann is more conservative than Laurie Oakes ever was!


One only has to remember the Gillard years. There was no bias, or even a mention of it.


biased nature of political stories is now starting to resemble the drivel put out on the ABC.

I can smell the conservative-ness seeping through this viewer’s letter. :joy::joy:

Your ABC/SBS inquiry that you jumped up and down for has already slapped you in the face. Thank u, next…


In the past few weeks, the Early News has been using the side plasma for OTS vision to accompany their headlines.

Technical difficulties, though, today:

They have also introduced a metro news wrap- a top story from each state- and removed the live preview of what is coming up Today


It’s a good a idea, I remember 7 doing that on the 4:30 news a while back before they switched to crossing to the state newsrooms.

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Brisbane promo - so glad they’ve decided to report “real news”


God the graphics team are going all out… what are they promoting? A blockbuster movie? :joy:


It’s so subtle :crazy_face:


Those font effects are so fugly and unnecessary. The style of the tag-line below the Nine News logo in the last cap would look so much better.


Mmmhh, that “getting you closer” transition looks very familar. :thinking:

Believe it or not QTQ have toned it down a little. At one stage, every word uttered by the VO was littered across the screen.


I’m pretty sure the end tag and logo are from a previous package from like 5 years ago. how do they manage to use the wrong logo :roll_eyes:


Nine copying from Seven yet again :disappointed:


Storm Warning Scroll (9/2/2019):


Nine News Perth (18/2/2019)*~hmac=ac1233c4926e78008846941761eb1980ca55ed029113a52a429346814555a142

And also last Monday’s one (11/2/2019)*~hmac=5972c43fd92c29d2e831ca0df7b78eac358b6b23f8214dd7c583368bed3855c4


Nine News Perth (19/2/2019)*~hmac=f2eeb12438f1f6ebfbaf962a904951fa8b0b19ad5b17e5fe7a5a24c1cf0b0722

And also last Tuesday’s one (12/2/2019)*~hmac=5268541ebc8f1fc8f5f5526a5bbdddf9c3851367257a26bbc795b4d4220a4c9c


On SCA nine during Melbourne’s afternoon news, when they throw to a break with “here’s what’s coming up in 9 news at 6”, they threw to an ad break.
Would’ve thought they could at least have a prerecorded local news break.


Another odd QLD promo