Nine News Content and Appearance


Also longer closer in Melbourne with images of Pope Francis’s visit to the Middle East


Haha, that’s a classic.

If you ask me, moments like this are at least a minor part into the success of Nine News Sydney. Couldn’t imagine Fergo & McLaughlin displaying their personalities on-screen like Pete & Cam (also Kenny, before him) do!


Very true, I can see Pete presenting for another 20 years or more and being as revered as Brian Henderson by then.

A big statement I know, but he appears to have few faults and appears to be well liked and respected.


Fergo would have leaned over easily. He’s a master at leaning.


Brisbane today at 4pm


4:21pm and the 4pm news opens


Was any reason given for the late start?

Technical difficulties is all they usually say, if anything.


No explanation was given, just “the afternoon news starts now”.

So who knows? Not Wendy or Garry :slight_smile:


Gold Coast news has lost its unique look tonight.


Good. The watermark was disgusting before. Hope this is permanent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Later that day …



The end of the Gold Coast news was seen at the start of Nine News Queensland tonight:

and a blooper on Nine News Perth with the camera panning over to the normal city shot during a story introduction and then the package refused to play


Whatever happened to these style of OTS graphics? Only ever used in Perth and only briefly, just after the set was launched?


Wondering why they were dropped. I quite liked them.


The font looks a bit 90s to me.


I’d like to nominate today’s Nine Brisbane promo in the categories of “Worst mixing of italic and bold fonts in a super.” and “Worst use of ‘embossing’ to highlight text.” It may also be eligible under “use of metallic effect for no particular reason” but that is a pretty crowded category :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like it was made in powerpoint with wordart…


The story they’re trying to stop

Why would you put this in a newsprint graphic? Surely if the story were stopped its inclusion in the newspaper would be redundant, as the newspaper wouldn’t have printed it in the first place?

It’s times like these I wonder whether I have too much time on my hands.


Powerpoint 2003* :wink:


Was probably before they got used to the full screen OTS. I guess it was easier to overlay a smaller OTS than create a full size one for the main screen.