Nine News Content and Appearance


So far, ordinary viewer would have no idea of technical troubles.


Back to Brisbane

It’s the news room shot usually seen when Gold Coast news crosses to Brisbane at about 5:55 weeknights for an update.


Mosart strikes again?


Managed to wipe out 2 control rooms



A (what i think it’s a new thing, I don’t remember it being there last year) that I’m not liking about Nine News is the 30 second “weather report countdown” at around 6:55 that is in a gutteeboxed section where the main visual and audio component is an ad.

Seems like a sneaky move by Nine to have a paid ad masquerading as program content.


You know, that shot doesn’t look half bad. Might work well if there were local morning bulletins and possibly even the afternoon bulletin.


I think that segment was there at the end of last year.

But yeah, I really don’t like that one either. Also misleading, as there’s usually the Finance/Fuel segment (and often an RVO) before the forecast!


Weather report was very SEQ centric.

Melissa was still talking as the bulletin abruptly finished.

The technical team did a wonderful job given the problems they must have faced; apart from not using the main studio, the delivery was flawless.


Haha, still can’t believe that my crappy rabbit ears could pick up such a clear signal from Wollongong!!

I’ll just go back to the 7 News threads where I belong and stop bothering you all over here now!


Simply overcomplicating a bulletin will have troubles if not mosed properly haha!


Thank DST in the South East mainland for saving Queensland’s Nine News. Otherwise, either Peter would’ve been on QLD and Darwin screens.


They’re back!


Thursday 7 February-

Melbourne bulletin tonight had a longer closer with images of the late Brian Naylor and his wife who died 10 years ago in the tragic Black Saturday fires.



Weather tonight was from somewhere near Townsville :wink:

Also seen tonight



So what does that mean?


I prefer iNews myself, but ENPS 8 is a good upgrade. The UX is much better.


Unusually long closer tonight in Sydney.


An apparent issue with Cameron William’s microphone during sport caused Peter to lean towards Cameron so he could speak into it!

Whilst Cameron’s microphone crackled at one point, there didn’t appear to be any issue after all!