Nine News Content and Appearance



Alicia Loxley is presenting a special edition of Melbourne Afternoon News from Carlton Gardens ahead of the Black Saturday 10 year anniversary service tonight at 6pm.



4pm local news is MIA in Queensland today


The Afternoon news started with the wrong graphics.

Quickly fixed


Seems like there are problems in Brisbane news room / control room today. As well as no local afternoon news, it looks like there will be no Gold Coast news either with Hot Seat being broadcast at 5pm instead.


If the technical problems continue into 6pm (hopefully they’ll be fixed by then!), I suppose the million dollar question is this: Will South East Queensland viewers be watching one of the regional bulletins or a delayed screening of Nine News Sydney?!


Illawarra bulletin being shown in Sydney right now.


I’m watching via 9now and there has been no interruption to the Sydney bulletin.


On my TV on the north shore I’m seeing Vanessa with Illawarra on the graphic behind her.


Maybe you’re receiving Nine Wollongong instead of Nine Sydney.

I just checked on my TV near Campbelltown & I’m getting Nine News Sydney via Nine Sydney as normal.


Promos are still running for 6pm



My TV autotuned last night. Just realised I’m watching channel 5!!!


I’d love to see it happen but I think TCN would be more likely to take the Melbourne bulletin in the event of a catastrophic failure.


9HD Gold Coast:


Oops. Social media missed the memo!


I thought you were pulling our legs rather than receiving the signal(s) from Knights Hill! :laughing:


If Brisbane has control room problems, I wonder what that will mean for the regional bulletin.


Yes, as they have done momentarily in the past, and the same with Sydney 6pm news into Melbourne.

But it is usually only required for a few minutes until technical difficulties are sorted out.


Sounds like Melissa has to anchor the whole bulletin from Townsville. Through the TCN control room.


Seen very briefly before the start of Brisbane news