Nine News Content and Appearance


Wouldn’t they take Melbourne news over Sydney anyway?



Gold Coast News Monday saw the return of the live cross to the Brisbane news room and with it (nearly) everyone was a bit more emotive.

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…and the first bulletin to be aired on Nine HD Gold Coast in two weeks, right? :wink:

Either way, I just couldn’t resist doing a quick edit of the 3rd cap! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Apologies for the double post, but there was a bit of a typo (space when there didn’t need to be one) in a live cross graphic on Sydney’s news tonight:

Later in the bulletin: Chinese New Year, Same Old Dalts! :smiley:


The Early News had fly around weather forecast this morning:


I’m sorry


oh gosh that logo reflection on the desk is really distracting


Full marks for using an apostrophe but how many venues are there?


Do you mean sex pest should be sexpest? I think it should be two words:


No, the “Narrabeen” box above Tiffiny Genders’ live cross window!



But I can’t see any space in Narrabeen?


The space is before the word Narrabeen, compare it to the “Nine News” box which doesn’t have the extended space before the text! :wink:


Oh! Now I see it!! :smiley:


Brisbane last night


What’s wrong the the LHS at STW9 as i noticed that reporters are using the weather wall. Images would be too big if presented on the LHS?


“Technical difficulties” saw the cross to Garry Youngberry for the weather fail in tonight’s Brisbane news after he earlier reported from Cloncurry. Johnathan Uptin started the intro but stumbled to a stop mid-sentence and read the weather himself.



The camera used for Melissa in Townsville was fogged up tonight.


Weird that when they showed all of the reporters they used the wall back in the studio with no one standing next to them … why not just have the boxes directly on the screen?


I like the idea to do something like that. Just don’t think it was 100% executed properly. Otherwise outstanding coverage from Nine tonight. Sharon looked like she was reading from the corner of the room and didn’t look like she was in the middle of a natural disaster.