Nine News Content and Appearance


Oh thanks. I haven’t been on here for a while. Is Jono still doing weekends?


Last couple of weekends


Probably means nothing but the national Nine News page has updated their profile picture on Facebook to a flat logo variant.

Edit: just realised all state wide pages have, including Gold Coast.
Regional bulletins are yet to.


Same on Twitter. Probably doesn’t mean anything at all, but it does have to be pointed out that today is the 2nd anniversary of Nine News Sydney’s current set being launched!

Nine News Darwin even got an updated DP, but I guess the national/metro team might still do their social media branding.


Sydney graphics have access to all Nine social media pages.


I don’t get why it’s in a circle with black up top?


Thats a screenshot from Facebook. The top bit is a blank cover photo.


Facebook *


I could be wrong, but I don’t think they would change theirs, since theirs is different to the state/national/metro bulletins.


What are the chances of a Nine News promo playing on the TV during this story :laughing:


I don’t know if they’d specifically set the shot up to include the news promo, but I’m sure they’d at least be told to have the TV on Nine! :wink:


I have noticed a small change to Nine News Sydney in the last few weeks that I have been meaning to post.

Reporter supers used to appear twice in a report, about 5-10 seconds into a report and again if/when the reporter appears again on screen.

Now it usually only appears when the reporter is on screen (or at the start of the report if not on screen).


It is a shame they won’t be using this liveshot anymore. The skyline in the distance doesn’t have the effect of shrinking Hitch.


Just curious; which bulletins were presented from this set (other than Today) and how long did it last?


I think it lasted about a year or so before the “News Exchange” set in Studio 23 was brought in for national bulletins?

Seven News Sydney probably got the idea for their 2011-15 desk from that one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So cheap looking and outdated, even for 2009 standards.


I actually don’t mind this set :joy:


The Morning and the 4.30 News were- the Early News used a chroma key.

I too, don’t mind that set. They didn’t just change the plasma graphics, but they actually went to the effort of rearranging the Today set so that it was unique to the daytime bulletins. As has been mentioned, these bulletins moved to the news exchange set in 2010, allowing for news updates and later Kerri-Anne moving into studio 21. Before that set, a green screen was used for about 5 years.


Which studio is that in?
I always thought it was studio 23.


Today, daytime news, This Afternoon and 6pm were all in studio 21 in 2009. I don’t know what studio 23 (the news exchange studio) was used for before the national bulletins. I would imagine it was only separated from the newsroom in 2010 for the national set. Maybe ask @blackbox ?