Nine News Content and Appearance


Slight timing issue at the end of Gold Coast news; seemed to finish very slightly early. The gap to the start of the Brisbane 6pm bulletin was filled with vision of the Gold Coast and the news theme opener.


Melbourne was cut off early also. Just as Livinia ended weather.

I understand tight timing due to Aus Open, but in this case they cut off early and went to a…

…wait for it…

Married at First Sight promo! Priorities most definitely in order here…not!


How long was that “gap”?


In Melbourne, Hitch was literally given a second and he was cut off.


About 10 seconds.

Usually the GC News ends with ‘we now join Samantha’ then the Brisbane opener starts immediately. This week there has been a filler (that was 10 seconds tonight) that I am guessing is something to do with synchronising the SD and HD channel on the Gold Coast. While the tennis is on, the local news is only on the SD channel while 9HD on the coast is a simulcast of the Brisbane channel.


Ah that makes sense now as I remember you posting about the HD issue for Nine Gold Coast News.


Nine seem to be doing what Seven did the past few years whereby they end the news a few minutes early to fit in an extended promo before coverage of the AO night session begins


The lonely life of a news anchor at Nine Brisbane - when everyone else is doing an OB. Samantha was left with a few seconds of awkward silence tonight as the closing theme finished early.


Better than the planned awkward silence in Adelaide every week. They only ever do it on ACA nights, so weekend and afternoon close “normally”.


No surprise as to where Nine’s report on back to school savings visited.


Heads should roll for this kind of garbage. I honestly can’t imagine the outrage if Sydney and Melbourne news were to feature these ads…I mean ‘First on Nine’ worthy stories.


Unfortunately that one (or a localised version of it) probably aired everywhere, given that Officeworks is the current Sponsor of Nine News in the five main markets.


News Lineup Promo, Sydney and NBN versions:


At least it wasn’t Aldi


Cheers! For some reason the NBN News one doesn’t run anymore. We just get the Sydney version.


They could have just used the 2018 version of this “story”. Media Watch covered it last year.


WTH Sydney? Rivalry with Newcastle still lives within the network.


The local Afternoon News bulletins return on Monday.


I’m not a fan of Samantha Heathwood. She has a mild case of silly newsreader voice. Where’s Jono?