Nine News Content and Appearance


I would say after the Aus Open.


A couple of Gold Coast news updates from this week - still no consistency, perhaps the variation adds a bit of interest for the studio crew. I think these look better than some of their other variations.


They definitely look much better than what they’ve done previously.


They use the OTS graphics far too frequently and have lost their novelty.


After some nice looking backdrops, tonight’s GC update was a shocker :cry:

Dominique Loudon has done a great job over the last few weeks. She announced that Bruce Paige would be back presenting on Monday. Also noting that, across summer, the live cross to the Brisbane newsroom previously seen near the end of the bulletin has been replaced with a RVO and “Full story tonight 6pm” graphic.


If it’s true that Seven Morning News will soon run for a full hour at 11am as per discussion about that network’s latest promo in the relevant thread, do we think Nine will (again) eventually follow suit?


Let’s hope. Today Extra is dying. Always would rather a morning news hour then another 15-20 minutes of informericals and 10 minutes of content.


As most would remember Nine did run morning news for an hour until a few years ago. The change was due to how financially lucrative it was to fix extra informercials into Today Extra with the extra 30 minutes. I’m surprised (though not doubtful) that 7 is making the change to an hour morning news, and reducing TMS as their news and current affair department hasn’t been exactly flush with cash in the last few years.


It’s the first time you’re seeing it on Nine News perhaps?

But seriously it’s a complete nonsense and an insult to viewers who aren’t that stupid.

But according to some on here, everyone does it so it’s ok…


I reckon Early News 5-6am, Today 6-10am, Today Extra 10-12. No morning news, enough of that in the afternoons.


I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned but a year after this happened…

Brett McLeod has once again been mistaken for Alicia Loxley in the v/o, during last night’s bulletin.


If I was him, I’d probably go with something along the lines of this:

Good Evening, I’m Ron Burgundy, go f**k yourself GTV-9 for getting my name wrong

Joking of course, something more appropriate would probably be:

Good Evening, I’m Brett McLeod, filling in for Alicia who is away tonight

That’s gotta be better than not addressing the mistake (Considering it’s happened twice).


Melbourne utilizing a live shot of Melbourne Park for the backdrop of the News. Looks good! :slight_smile:



Beat me to it!
Very nice change. Looks great.


Nine Gold Coast news being shown on the SD channel on the Gold Coast (LCN 9 and 91) with tennis continuing on 9HD Gold Coast. No advice given on screen to advise viewers of this, however.

Bruce Paige presenting.


In Melbourne Sport and Weather presented from Melbourne Park during the Australian Open.


What are the arrows for?


Wind direction, maybe?


Nine News Perth’s 3 minute newsbreak in between the AO and before a movie on 14/1/2019.