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But surely they could limit the amount of unnecessary live crosses to prevent this, get them prerecorded if they’re a little green. Simple


But you can’t have two live crosses in the whole bulletin from Ebony Cavallaro and Mia Glover. Plus, the packages from Brisbane’s reporters aren’t that greater either.

If you compare the reporters to this time last year, more than 60% are new to the newsroom. Ebony, Mia, Shannon Marshall McCorkmack, Rob Morrison and Tessa Hardy are the only ones still there.

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

Ah right, well there you go, learn something new everyday. Thanks, didn’t know.


Didn’t realise the situation up north was so dire. Guess that can help to explain the ratings drop recently.


Seven News Brisbane won this year because they didn’t rely on those sensational ‘First on the scene’, ‘First on Health news’ and consumer reports to attract viewers. It is a classier bulletin. The fact that they have better reporters (some are just as bad as Nine though) and producers who used to report for the bulletin is just a bonus.


Without going too far off topic, which reporters at Seven and Nine do you think is the best? And which ones are the worst? (Queensland only).


Wasn’t there 5 years in between Lee Anderson and Amanda Paterson?


I was under the impression that QTQ’s news director prior to Amanda Patterson was Michael Dalton before he was appointed as Nine’s director for the regional bulletins.


That’s my recollection.


Correct, I wrote that the move to younger, clearly less costly reporting talent began in Lee’s time (industry wide, not peculiar to QTQ) yet:

Read the contributions slower and understanding of them becomes clearer.

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

I still don’t understand the label First on 9 News. This report tonight labelled breaking news and “these pictures just into the newsroom” had that label. Video all appeared to be from mobile phones.

Yet the same fire was shown approx one hour earlier on Ten News.


And yet another spelling mistake from Nine.
This spelling crisis is “englufing” them.


it’s that rush to be first.


It aired in QLD today (with Peter Overton). It is the type of promo @blackbox used to create for the news division in 2010/11.


Queensland version of the “Australia’s best news” promo


Brisbane tonight


I love that skyline backdrop!


When will they learn? People don’t give a toss if it’s “First On” a certain network. All that actually matters is when it’s Live or if it’s an Exclusive (a real exclusive not a fake exclusive using pooled footage :joy:).


Nine got her birth year wrong… Dame June Whitfield was actually born in 1925:man_facepalming:t2:


Amanda clearly doesn’t understand it either, so no need to scratch your head too much in wonder.

Indeed. They are out of talent if this is the best they can put up.

Wendy bringing some much needed experience. Ebony fine on weather.