Nine News Content and Appearance


They’ve been doing it since Tony Jones started filling in on the news earlier this month.



Good stuff! Thanks for that.


Monday 24 December -

Brett McLeod presenting Melbourne bulletin from the Sidney Myer Music Bowl tonight.


Melbourne Christmas ‘Breaking News’

and some Dancing Santas on Sydney’s weather



The Santa tracker tradition from Nine News Darwin continues with Jono in Brisbane.


Santa tracking Gold Coast



Apparently Jonathan Uptin is presenting National Santa Updates tonight.


Looks like the west coast is getting a lump of coal tonight.


They’ll love that for the royalties.


Any one able to capture it?


Brisbane tonight


Is that Mark Suleau at 1:16?

Because Amanda tells them to. She’s been told to do it for years at ACA and passes it on now.

Moving Mike to the regional news was great for those bulletins but disastrous for QTQ.

When they’ve ironed out the on air musical chairs at TCN, hopefully improvement follows swiftly further north.


It may be late to post this but AYY LMAO! Look at that dancing Santa.


Unacceptable really. What’s with the standards at QTQ these days?


What the?!?!



Slammed on social media.

The journo not the management allowing this unfortunately.

Harry could be a good journo in time.

What baffles me is why any news director with supposed requisite experience to ensure their bulletin is #1 would hire so many inexperienced staff, staff that need more time in regional or other disciplines to hone their craft.

This began in the final years of Lee Anderson and has accelerated dramatically with Amanda Paterson.


because she has no other option… the turnover of staff is apparently very high.


That’s evident.

Not as evident in southern capitals.

Good leaders know how to stem turnover, why isn’t it happening in Brisbane?


as I understand it, it’s only in Brisbane.

And it’s because of the leader.