Nine News Content and Appearance



Yep because TCN reporters are more experienced and much better journos. Local reporters are super green


A similar thing happened on Nine’s Sydney News when Amber threw back to Deb at the end of the weather last night. I’m surprised nobody commented on it.



Michael Genovese did most of the weather report while Scherri-Lee only did the 7 day forecast.


Unusual live cross in Brisbane tonight that was cut short by reporter Harry Clarke who stammered of a few words then:

“We’ll have to cut there I’m afraid, I’ve forgotten my final line.” He looked thoroughly embarrassed and disappointed with himself.

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

Interview with new Dreamworld CEO saw a rare appearance by a reporter on the 5.30 and 6pm news.


Rob is actually the State Poltical Reporter these days based out of Brisbane - he took over after Shane Doherty left.


Thanks i’d forgotten that.

Also tonight, another poor look with mis-timed cut to weather graphics.


Morning News:

Afternoon News:


It’s as if there is some text missing from the red bar under 9 News.


Yeah… Sydney.


Early Edition News not airing on Boxing Day (Wednesday).
Seven Early News is airing on Boxing Day.


Extreme Weather transition

Also a slight timing error on the afternoon news.


Series of four 60 Year promos from Nine Brisbane seen tonight.


With Today epected to relaunch mid January next year… I wouldn’t be all suprised if Nine News got a half/full graphic refresh…


I’ve noticed the last few nights on the Melbourne bulletin, when coming back from the break at the 6.30 mark they have a long shot and the opening music for a few seconds.
Looks nice. Similar to 10 News First.


Forced to watch 9News qld (staying with the parents) … why are they all yelling?
The host is terrible - Ashlyn? and a reporter named Adam Jackson on some sports stories sounds like the voice on one of those movie reels of years gone by where they yell…


Seems to be a 9 QLD trend.


A new promo for Nine News launched tonight featuring Peter Overton, Tracy Grimshaw, Liz Hayes and Georgie Gardner and made note of news everyday with Nine News, A Current Affair, 60 Minutes and Today.