Nine News Content and Appearance


Even if the producer is feeding him a few temperatures through his earpiece, that’s amazing.


Nine doing national afternoon news from Monday… (until after the Tennis, So I’m guessing)


That’s dissapointing, I was hoping that Nine would continue airing the local afternoon bulletins until they inevitably took time off air during the tennis.

Any word if Nine News Melbourne at 4pm is remaining on-air (as the case was last year, from memory) or if GTV will be running a nationalised bulletin over Summer?


It is much easier and cheaper to run the national bulletins. I would even argue that the ratings won’t move at all.

I am not sure about Melbourne or Perth, though. Unlike the Brisbane and Adelaide markets, Melbourne has enough talent to present- Dougal Beatty, Carrie Anne Greenbank, Andrew Lund (fill-ins on the regional bulletins) or Madeline Slattery.


I guess so, but didn’t Seven continue running their local afternoon bulletins in all markets last Summer?


Looking at the EPG it’s national 4pm bulletins from Monday.


Interesting to hear.

Hopefully, the local bulletins will return after the tennis and won’t be quietly cancelled like the Queensland edition of Nine’s Morning News was.


Come next year, I honestly hope that all the local afternoon news bulletins can get a proper opener (especially Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide). The current opener is very abrupt and jarring to watch. They should make the local afternoon news openers align with the national and 6pm bulletins.


Same with the morning and first at five bulletins.
Always hated how Nine never do a proper opener for them.


Hopefully they’ll also ditch the “Nine Live” branding and use a standard title card. Don’t even know why they adopted it in the first place. It means absolutely nothing since all metro bulletins are live by default (except Ten on weekends), it’s only used in half of the metros, and the title card is odd one out from all of Nine’s library.


They won’t change. It is to distinguish them from the 6pm; the prime time bulletin has the full details and is a “proper” bulletin, if you like.

I think Adelaide and Perth are the only ones who are still/was branded as Nine Live [City].


For those who actually watch it at 4PM i’m sure they’ll be able to distinguish from the main 6PM broadcast. There openers need to be more smoother though regardless if they have a proper headline opener or not, its almost like a slap in the face when the transition occurs currently.

On the topic of broadcasts, they should probably ditch Nine News Now, at the time it was launched it was meant to be a completely different broadcast aimed at a different demographic. However, I think its just a complete waste of time having the NNN followed by the Afternoon News.


And replace it with what?


Indeed. From what I’ve seen, the more detailed reports are saved for the 6pm bulletin while the packages shown on the 4pm bulletins (and often, Nine News Now) are generally just the basic information of a story and typically presented as if they’re a “look live” without the presenters crossing to the reporters…if that makes any sense.

In an ideal world, this is how the transition (Sydney version, of course) would be handled…

Amber: “…and that’s Nine News Now for this Monday. Stay with me for my weather forecasts during the 4pm & 6pm bulletins but for now, it’s time for Sydney’s Afternoon News and Davina, I believe you’ve got a breaking story for us this afternoon.”
Davina: “Yes, that’s right Amber. Good afternoon everyone…”

…but with five different versions of the Afternoon News, it’d probably be too hard to present completely seamless transitions.

Content wise, Nine News Now is only a slightly more bearable hour of television than The Daily Edition.

But since the 3pm bulletin is most likely to stay on air in the foreseeable future, I’d personally like to see separate presenting positions for Nine News Now & Sydney weather as the case was prior to about Late 2015/Early 2016.


Nothing relating to Nine News imo, because there is just no need. They should have something that relates to 9Honey, like a chatroom show in that timeslot. I’m thinking something Similar to “Talking Married” but fully relating to all content on 9Honey instead of MAFS.

To some extent yes, but one is a “News” based broadcast (just with different graphics) and the other is considered an “entertainment” show with the addition of small news updates.


Replace Nine News Now and all afternoon programming with Today Extra Extra.

Though in all seriousness, a specialized replacement for NNN like a 9Honey product or otherwise would require just a modicum of extra effort - from converting the program over to another studio with special furnishings to perhaps booking more demo-friendly guests - that I don’t think Nine wants to give at 3pm. And if NNN brings in more money than a syndie would, its existence is justified.


9 honey does not rate well in the afternoons. There is a massive drop off for the 3:10 nine honey chat so I don’t see nine doing an entire hour of nine honey.


Would be nice if they did something similar to what they used to do on the Afternoon news in Perth… Opener with VO and then headlines…


Do Sydneysiders really expect to see “their” reporters on Nine News for regional/interstate even if a locally based reporter could be just as good if not better?

Although I don’t doubt that the ordeal was distressing for the girl involved along with her family, it seems like a rather interesting news story for Nine to run during their Sydney 6pm bulletin even by “over Summer” standards…


You obviously receive the metro bulletin. Trust me- the majority of regional reporters are awful, especially during a LIVE-X.