Nine News Content and Appearance


That is a bit harsh. It is just an error- not like they reported a fact incorrectly.


Wonder if there are any repercussions for false/misleading use of the SEWS?


it’s not like somebody got the men mixed up, they would have just made a timing error, probably having timed out hundreds of other supers today.


Same thing happened in Sydney as well.


And now we wait for Nine to counteract with the return of Nightline…


I’d be fine if they just played the Nightline theme and didn’t follow it up with an actual news bulletin.


Technical problems with the weather and graphics on Sydney’s afternoon news.


Poor Amber! Struggling. Only human… these gremlins happen sometimes!


Why in gods name have they STILL not got rid of the fake curve…


I haven’t seen a clip, but, by my measure, any weather presenter who needs to use a script to deliver the weather (when they have a plasma alongside them), isn’t a great weather presenter.

David Brown is quite the opposite:


Personally, I also think they should be using some form of live backdrop - absolutely essential for the Sydney market IMO.

Seven News rarely gets praise from me these days, but one of the very few things they do right is having a live backdrop during both the 4pm & 6pm Sydney bulletins.


On-camera meteorologists should be able to adlib forecasts — in the US, weather is the most fungible segment with split-second calls to stretch or cut down — though I’m quite impressed with Brownie being able to recall several specific specs without his presentation stack.

That said, telling a forecast takes contextual understanding of what’s happening in the atmosphere and for presenters who have other editorial duties, perhaps the best they’ll get is edited bureau copy — it’s an absolute last resort if you’re reciting numbers and symbols off the screen. On one hand, I don’t expect anywhere near as much polish from a presenter as from an OCM, but on the other, they can do better.


Nine Brisbane has also run a countdown to the weather in the final ad break in the news this week. The problem, is when the countdown runs out the weather doesn’t start! There are several reports so it is about 3 minutes before the weather segment.


Actually, he has been varying the camera angles and the use of set. Last night’s Perth news is an example, where the bulletin opened with a LHS wideshot for a standing intro. In fact, I would say he is over-using the OTS graphics.


This week’s viewer competition here in Sydney, possibly the last for the year unless they do the (probably) inevitable tennis-related ticket giveaways before the end of December:


it really shows that she has been doing the weather for this long and hasn’t picked up on some general things that happen in her region and mostly around the same time each year (few exceptions provided). By that clip it honestly looks like it’s not her passion and she’s just doing it because, unlike Brownie who lives breathes and eats meteorology. Her retention rate is low for someone who has been in the job for nearly 8 years is lower than expected (ofc it would be weird for me to not highlight that she has News Now to think about, but 9 should get a dedicated weather presenter who isn’t presenting a fluffy bulletin for Sydney).


Amber presented fill-in Sydney weather forecasts for a while before then but from memory, only took over the main role towards the end of 2012 after Natalie Gruzlewski (who I personally found to be a bit over-cheery, similar to Belinda Russell) moved back up North. So about six years.

As I’ve said repeatedly, I personally think Nine News Sydney needs to look at getting themselves a meteorologist. Mind you it’d be hard to say for sure without seeing quarterly or minute by minute figures, but one wonders if it’s more than coincidental that many of Seven’s ratings increases/Nine’s ratings decreases happened during the 6.30pm half of the bulletin this year?

My first suggestion would be for Nine to try and “pull another Chris Uhlmann” by going after Graham Creed, the one TV forecaster in Sydney/NSW who is better than David Brown. But realistically, they probably need to somehow find a female meteorologist because it definitely wouldn’t be a good look for Sydney’s leading news service to not have at least one female presenter in-studio on Sunday-Thursday while the chances of TCN changing their popular main news/sports presenters or having something like a Pete & Deb duo at 6pm are very slim to none.


You’ve missed the obvious choice. There isn’t a more passionate weather presenter in Sydney than Tim Bailey. He’d lose his freakin’ mind if he had a weather wall the size of Nine’s to work with. I imagine he’d add backflips to his routine and there’s also the opportunity to bust a few new rhymes considering “fine” works so well with “nine”.


Nine’s pumpin’ it out on Telecasters!


Just caught the end of the Nine News Sydney simulcast on community radio station Hope103.2.

Nearly 10 years on from the name change to the bulletin, they are STILL referring to it as the “National Nine News simulcast”.