Nine News Content and Appearance


They really should just make the orange on the set red and make the blue a tad darker it’d fit in with the graphics package quite well, yet still looking ‘bright enough’ for the GC.


Bit of an awkward moment at Nine News tonight. One of the news stories (around 12 or 13 minutes into the Sydney bulletin, not sure if other markets carried it) was the arrest of Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer:

Just to refresh your memory about who’s currently sponsoring the bulletin (or at least the pre-2nd ad break “Coming Up” segment):

Just incase you were wondering, there was no disclaimer of the current commercial interests between Nine and Huawei during Ross Greenwood’s report.

I also wonder how Nine News Queensland covered Aldi’s latest recall? Sydney only ran it as a quick RVO in the last segment!


Had to laugh when Overton stumbled over the name of the bulletin’s sponsor during the introduction to that story.


In Brisbane news the cricket was the 4th out of 5 sport stories for tonight. Taking precedence were a story on Johnathan Thurston making a surprise visit to fire fighters to thank them for recent activities, today’s activities at Broncos training and a Tiger Woods media conference about the President’s Cup golf, none of which featured any sport being played.

Not reported.


In some ways, news is separate from sales. And then in others…


Though not surprising, the Neil Breen report aired in Sydney used FOX Sports footage, and not Seven’s.


So do we think Nine will follow Seven’s lead and launch a late news bulletin?

Seven News Content and Appearance

I hope so. Would be great to see Nightline (hopefully that is what the bulletin would be branded as) back on air.


I’d say it’ll start Monday week, two days before Seven launch theirs. (If they plan to counteract that is)


I’d personally be interested to know who’s most likely to become the new Deputy News Director at Nine News Sydney if Fiona moves over to ACA or Today (well, she was classed as a “Strong” candidate to take over from Mark Calvert in the piece on TV Blackbox anyway). Also, whether people expect Nine News Sydney’s current lead director Simon Hobbs to stay in his current position next year or move onto something else after six years?

Either way, I personally think a freshening up of the leadership positions would probably be a really good thing for Sydney’s #1 News and might help fix the 6.30pm half ratings problems the bulletin has been suffering from over the past 6-7 months.


nah, the new news director will also need to be an on-air meteorologist to satisfy you :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Tonight’s Brisbane weather was presented from the Lord Mayor’s Carols.


During the announcement of a new EP for Today & Director of Morning TV, some pretty important news about the leadership of Nine News Sydney which may affect the content mix of the service in 2019!

With Steve Burling taking over in the morning, Fiona Dear will be leaving her current spot as deputy director for Nine News Sydney to become the new EP of A Current Affair, with Meredith Marks becoming the new deputy director of Nine News Sydney. Because I couldn’t find much info about Meredith Marks online, I’d be particularly interested to know what those at TCN think of her as an EP (as I understand it) in the newsroom! :slight_smile:

Overall I hope these changes will be a good thing for the news service, but personally I would’ve really liked to see Nine News Sydney appoint a new main director. Yes, I’m aware that Nine News has been #1 in Sydney every year under Simon Hobbs (so for that, I respect the guy enough) but after 6-7 years, it’s probably time for a change with there being several signs of complacency creeping in recently. In particular, I personally think the quality of the promos (since the “Chatting Up Peter Overton” series in February, I haven’t really seen anything amazing on-air), the 3rd in-line presenter & weather coverage are issues which need to be addressed in 2019 IMO.


Isn’t that the job of the promotions department?


This appeared just before the weather in Melbourne tonight.


Story on Cyclone Owen’s expected development over the coming day just aired on 9 News QLD featuring the SEWS as a backing track as Ebony Cavallaro spoke about the forecast track map, very big no no!




Haha - which bulletin was this from? :smiley:


That was from the Queensland bulletin. :wink:



Probably the best/worst (depending on your point of view) news super fails I’ve ever seen, surely even primary school kids would be able to correctly identify the Prime Minister & Opposition Leader? :open_mouth: