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Jesus - why does the regional NSW news use the bottom super so badly.


This is from
I find it strange the way they use the titles (i.e. the name of the reporter etc) I wonder if this would work with the normal news too? I find it a bit cleaner, though what they have is the generic style for all news programs world wide, it would be interesting if they made it quite unique.


A pity this pun wasn’t used on the night the movie Ghostbusters aired on Nine (fairly recently IIRC) - that would’ve been cross promotional gold! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a different note, some “Exclusive Advertising” towards the end of the bulletin with one could argue, an appropriate tagline:

Now it’s probably unrealistic to expect commercial TV to stop airing these types of “reports” (and I use the term very loosely), but surely ACMA needs to change the laws so that viewers are made clearly aware of paid news segments? I reckon there needs to be “This is a paid segment” disclaimers at the start and/or end, similar to the type seen on infomercials.


I think that style of super couldn’t be used consistently, too much of a risk of a white backdrop making it very difficult to read.


Yeah, those with long memories will recall Seven News trying a style of name super which only had white text and a hint of shadowing in August 2016.

Was hard to read & didn’t last long.

Seven News Content and Appearance

May I ask how you know it is a paid spot?


I would’ve guessed that it was probably a paid spot judging by the prominent use of “1c” & the Moose Mobile logo in the report background graphics…


The Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice already forces the disclosure of paid spots in news and current affairs programs though.


I don’t remember those, are you sure they weren’t just mocks here? Seven did have white text on a transparent background back in the early-2000s (final Nightly News package IIRC).

Seven News Content and Appearance

This is not paid advertising. The commercial networks do not accept payment for news stories. Would be an absolute uproar if they did. Why pay for stories like these anyway when they rate well (believe it or not, they do).


Gold Coast promotion with Hot Tomato


What’s going on at Nine News Perth? Both news director and his deputy resigned this week.


They are in good hands with Mike Dalton taking over. He was news director at QTQ and worked with TCN prior to that.


Really? I would be concerned given that the regional editions of Nine News often aren’t up to the standards they should be, if posts on this forum are anything to go by. That’s before we even talk about Nine News Darwin…


He is conservative- nothing will likely change or improve under his leadersgip at STW. Mike will just be there to fill the position basically.

But, to be fair, his is restricted with what he can do for Regionals when he doesn’t have the budget or space for lavish sets and it is an improvement on what SCA was producing prior. Remember Nine only have local bulletins for appearance; hoping to lift their total national audience on the primary channel. Nothing about quality.


Don’t necessarily need lavish sets. The CGI guff that he’s pasted ontop of the local landscapes cheapens the look drastically. Melbourne proved that last week by using a common-or-garden clean landscape behind Peter Hitchener in the regional studio, only visual difference was no sweeping studio shots.

Queensland’s old Smithfield Springfield “bureau” was by all accounts quaint, but on-screen it looked pretty much the same as the main studio because it used a standard backdrop.




Ah yes. Don’t know where the heck I got “Smithfield” from :joy:


Hedging your bets…

PS: The incorrect tweet was deleted shortly before the correct image was posted.


Melbourne promo