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With the election coverage tomorrow, Pete Hitchener will present Melbourne’s 6pm News from the regional news’ set (I look forward to the caps @Abesty and @Brad- I assume you won’t see any set though).

Saturday’s First at Five News will come out of Sydney too.


That will be interesting. Wonder if they’ll use OTS or just keep a backdrop the entire time.


Nine News 22/11/2018


Interesting to see how they’ll use the regional facilities for metro standards. Might send a message to Mr Michael Dalton…


Nine News First at Five presented out of Sydney today.




The cross to Chris Uhlmann in Canberra tonight looked HD.
Did anyone else think the same?


Jo Abi doing a story about one of the families who attended on 9Honey tomorrow:

But to the question I’m sure you’ve been patiently waiting for me to answer…

That is a yes!

It’s also worth mentioning that Amber Sherlock has been involved with the Variety Children’s Christmas Party in Sydney in the past, but I’m not sure if she attended this year (Amber was there last year - going by Twitter). If Amber was at the ICC for the party, I’m sure there would’ve been a dash back to the studio after the event finished at 2pm so she could present Nine News Now at 3pm!


As long as everyone was dressed as they were told, that would have been no drama! (Too old?) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With the clothing colour choice of Santa, the Variety Heart Mascot and all the volunteers, there might’ve been huge problems if Amber was wearing red at the party.

Sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Apologies for the double post, but Dalts’ report during the 6pm news was absolutely terrific:

For the lazy, some snapshotted highlights - amazingly Peter Overton didn’t lose it with that ending! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jessica Ridley & Lia Harris did an alright job at covering the event for Seven & Ten respectively, but neither seemed to interact with the kids as much (a few vox pops and that’s about it, judging by the clips I’ve seen online) as Mike Dalton did. His report was the best/most enjoyable of the three IMO.

Of course others may disagree, but this is something of a theme I’ve noticed with the fluff/puff piece reports here in Sydney recently. Ten and Seven (especially after the departure of Damien Smith in very early 2017) aren’t too bad, but seem to have a slightly too serious approach to their coverage presentation compared to the typical Mike Dalton report on Nine.

We definitely should expect serious news to be presented in a way that commands professionalism and authoritativeness but for more light-hearted news like kids Christmas parties, I want to see the reporters lighten up a bit with their reporting and perhaps even trying to out-do each other, as we’ve seen with “Damo v Dalts” & “Damo v Harves” battles during events like the Royal Easter Show in years gone by.

As per usual, I’d be interested to hear what others think! :slight_smile:


I always thought you were mocking Mike. He is actually a good journalist and a great writer.

Also 10 years of having the weeknight Brisbane team of Andrew, Melissa, Wally and Garry next year. With the revolving doors at 7, it is something I would be promoting.


Perhaps gently, but how can I completely mock one of the market’s more unique reporters?

Let’s leave the serious bagging (while at the same time, remaining respectful - can’t stress that enough) to people who are inappropriately light-hearted during segments which should command professionalism and authoritativeness, such as Tim Bailey’s weather forecasts on whatever they’re branding Ten’s 5pm bulletin as these days! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m gonna force him to come to the border north east news


Today’s special opener for the Queensland 4pm news.

Sydney @ 6pm:


Gold Coast opens with breaking fire news.


Brisbane promo



Something I should’ve mentioned last night, Nine News Sydney’s viewer competition for the final week of the 2018 ratings season - graphics unfortunately aren’t produced in HD though:

Cameron Williams did the voiceover for these spots and there’s also rare usage of his Promo Endtag at the end of this, which thankfully is in native HD:


“In this time of crisis it isn’t easy to get supplies, but one supermarket is readily accessible and you won’t believe what you’ll save! Bushfire BONANZA Sale!!”