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There’s a lot of competition for the title of Worst Rugby League Reporter in the Sydney Media but personally, I reckon Danny Weidler takes out top spot (the word “w***er” instantly comes to mind) with Neil Breen a very close second.

Not gonna lie, I’d really love to know (but probably won’t, at least not publicly) what his colleagues at Nine News Sydney and The Sun-Herald really think of his reporting. And more importantly, why both soon to be merged companies have stuck with Weidler all these years rather than finding better rugby league reporters!


I never liked him because of how smug he is, but is there something else about his reporting that makes people dislike him?


I think people really dislike Danny Weidler (and other rugby league reporters, such as Neil Breen and Buzz Rothfield from The Daily Telegraph - Josh Massoud too when he still had a media career) because their style of reporting is basically the sporting equivalent of Annette Sharp…if that makes sense!


People don’t in particular like working with him. He is a man of very few words… he can be short and snappy and the smugness does happen off the air with producers and fellow reporters. Most people know him at nine for his ‘2shot’ and will often be referred behind his back as ‘danny weidler and his two shot’ or ‘danny weidler, a man of very few words.’


Never heard of him. But after watching that video, quite glad about that.


Jealousy’s a curse - Weidler and Breen consistently break big stories. Younger journos like Danika Mason and Jake Duke are learning heaps from both of them.


Nice win for QTQ last night. Amazing what happens when you focus on breaking big political stories -compared to story promos yelling at us about “HOW YOU CAN SAVE” or “ARE YOU AT RISK” Take note News bosses your audience isn’t as dumb as you believe.


just that one news boss.


There’s been quite a few interesting Sports Headline puns on Nine News Sydney lately, but I think tonight’s might be the first one that has actually referenced a rival network program! One wonders what the Martin Place newsroom thought of this…


Probably already instructing their lawyers to prepare papers relating to trademark violations.


So that’s why Seven is losing so much money lmao.


Jealousy is a curse for who exactly?


Mike Dalton with his new friend Jingles.


Hopefully we’ll see more fantastic reports from Dalts over the festive season, including the all important “Santa’s Journey” coverage on December 24! :smiley:

But before then, I note with some interest that Nine Cares (the network’s Community Service brand) will be the Media Partner of the Variety Kids Christmas Party for sick, disadvantaged and special needs children which is being held at the ICC Darling Harbour here in Sydney next Tuesday, November 27.

That leads us to the inevitable question: Will we be seeing Dalts doing reports on Nine News Sydney for the Christmas Party being run by the heart wearing a top hat next Tuesday? :wink:


Breaking News just broke through mid-story on ACA in QLD for the release of the Bali 9 prisoner



This breaking news story was mid-episode of Young Sheldon in Sydney.


Different angle for the Opening Wideshot of tonight’s Nine News Sydney, including special red lighting:

You probably also won’t be overly surprised to hear that the Lord Of The Rings-esque “Bushfire Emergency” transition got another whirl.


I’m suprised the smoke alarms didn’t actually go off with that set! I feel hot watching it!


That’s the set doing its job. Wait until we get VR-ready sets…