Nine News Content and Appearance


Minor graphics and audio bloopers, perhaps.


Does anyone have a recording of the technical issues from Melbourne earlier in the week?


Just out of interest, did the markets who took the Remembrance Day coverage show it live or on delay?


WA did it live.


Different perspective with Sophie and camera seen in monitor second from top.


Nine News Brisbane got off to a bad start as the lead story wouldn’t play; instead 30 seconds of silence and a static image then grey.


Gold Coast promo - “official ratings winner for 2018”; 22nd year in a row.


Neither of them is a great newsreader, are they?

Not a bad promo, except for the graphics. The banners across the screen are atrocious, but what else do you expect?


Can Nine reward the Gold Coast team with a new set then? Or at the very least a new desk?

Take it as a challenge, a new set design that can also be scaled back to fit into Sydney’s Studio 24 and Brisbane’s regional studio.


Anything is possible…


A problem with QLD not adopting DST, Nine haven’t got a somewhat suitable bulletin to switch to (and I don’t know that the QLD regional one really counts, as we only recently had that discussion here on MS).


Another improvement in the 9Perth weather segment as this seems to be more enhanced.


they would take Sydney’s news on delay.


Hopefully in the future when playout facilities for SCA Nine & Nine O&O stations eventually come under the same roof, the first back-up feed for Nine News’ metropolitan bulletins on the East Coast will become one of the more relevant regional editions.


they’ll never put a regional bulletin to air in a metro market.


Yes, I know.

But if Nine News Sydney even completely breaks down again, I’d rather be watching Nine News Illawarra (being the regional feed closest to Sydney) as a back-up than Nine News Melbourne!


Jeez this conversation is still going :thinking:

As much as we may prefer the regional bulletins to air, it will obviously never happen considering that they played Sydney in Melbourne :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunate playout error when the wrong vision played during a story in tonight’s Brisbane bulletin. While the audio and captions were telling of a mid air accident involving a hot air balloon the vision was of babies and just as the audio was saying “as the balloon suddenly burst” we were looking at close ups of pregnant women. Jonathan Uptin apologised and cut the story short.


The latest on Jarryd Hayne from Nine’s second worst rugby league reporter. He’d be the worst if Breen wasn’t there.


Danny Weidler… known in the business as ‘a man of not many words’ and ‘Danny Weidler and his 2shot’.