Nine News Content and Appearance


Why is Queensland’s 4pm bulletin doing a live cross to Jayne Azzopardi in Sydney on the Luke Foley sexual assault allegations and the NSW leadership contest?


I think that is probably why.


Special bulletin tonight for Gold Coast celebrating Bruce Paige’s 70th birthday.

Bruce looks impressed.


Happy birthday “Paigey”




Long segment looking back at Bruce’s history with Nine, a great look back at Nine News presentation - the good and the bad. Special supers for tonight.


Some captures from the archive footage seen tonight - hello to Rob Brough in image one and hello to small WIN watermark in number two showing vision of bulletin from Childers, Nine’s first ever to be anchored out of studio. How big was that Brisbane desk / bar!

Video uploading.


They ran so short of time there was no weather report.


TCN will never flick to a regional bulletin in the number one market. Although viewers from media spy are in love with regional content, there is no way Simon Hobbs or Darren Wick would ever allow NBN or SR to be broadcast instead of the TCN News. Reporters and Presenters on those bulletins are to green.


Well, obviously the Sydney news should be broadcast in the Sydney market whenever there are not major technical problems with the local bulletin.

But as a back-up when things go wrong (like what happened in Melbourne last night), to me it seems a little odd that the first back-up would still be another state’s bulletin rather than the regional service which would at least be based in our own state. And yes, I’m there are differences with the production standards between metro & regional news but for the sake of a back-up, wherever possible I’d probably still go for the one (ie, Regional QLD news in Brisbane, Southern NSW/ACT news in Sydney, Regional Victoria news in Melbourne) which has more of a chance of having somewhat relevant content.

I don’t know whether you work for the network or what, but I’m pretty sure most people here on Media Spy (including myself) just want Nine News to make better/more logical content decisions.

If you think that it’s better for a Melbourne news service to use Sydney as a technical difficulties back-up rather than Regional Victoria, that’s your opinion but I personally don’t think it’s likely to be one that would be widely shared by viewers.


I agree with this.

Also the technical difficulties at TCN and GTV usually occur early in the bulletin which is when the local news windows are played out. Airing Wollongong or Ballarat local news would be even less palatable than airing Syd/Melb news on each other’s market.


I understand your point…

Also keep in mind when their are technical issues NPC will take the GTV or QTQ feed for TCN. Because SCA is in Canberra and NBN in Newcastle their isn’t a way for NPC to even play out SR or NBN. Likewise for MR and BR. So your idea is basically technically impossible anyway. Unless NCR re-rout the studio feeds… if they did that it still would not work if MOSART is down and had to be re-mossed which usually is the cause of technical issues.


Of course, this may change when the joint Nine/Seven playout centre opens


I thought NBN was played out of Frenchs Forest now too?


I could be wrong… I am not 100% sure about NBN


Geez! We could get 7 Sydney’s news accidently going on 9 Sydney’s at some points :joy:


Imagine that, fault at TCN/GTV news so they show ATN/HSV news in their respective markets.

Wouldn’t be too bad though as I’m sure the other night many people in Melbourne who saw Peter Overton and the Harbour Bridge back drop may well have just switched to Seven News Melbourne with Peter Mitchell anyway and then not switched back. At least if they showed the Seven News on Nine viewers wouldn’t switch and when the fault was restored they would still be on Nine for the duration of the bulletin.

Can’t see it happening though, at least not on purpose…


Although I certainly wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility (remembering that the ABC was accidentally shown on WIN during the early days of MediaHub), surely the Seven Network channels would most likely be played out in a different area to the Nine Network channels?

They might be about to share playout facilities but I’m still reasonably confident that both Seven & Nine would try and do whatever possible to ensure they don’t accidentally broadcast content from their rival!


Any caps of this? It isn’t airing in QLD.


WA had also aired the Remembrance Day coverage, presented by Jerrie Demasi.


Back in about 2004, there was a glitch where a few seconds of audio from 7 News Sydney ended up on National Nine News Sydney.