Nine News Content and Appearance


Amber doesn’t go back upstairs after the bulletins… she just takes her stuff with her to the studio and the old control room behind the studio.


I don’t know why they don’t just air the bulletin live and local, and simulcast it on the radio?


But she is technically breaking news.


Fiveaa absolutely wanted a noon slot to fill Cornesy’s podcast-broadcast place and I suspect Nine wouldn’t have been able to air it to television - they have nationally syndicated programs.

Question is, couldn’t they have just gotten Alan Hickey for an extra half-hour?


If they’re going to the trouble of making it they might as well air it for exposure and “localness”.

Either in place of, or even complimentary to, the national Morning News.


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Oops. Nine News in Melbourne started with no audio. Then five seconds later switched to TCN!


I’m sure Melbournians would’ve absolutely loved seeing the resignation of the NSW Opposition Leader as the night’s top news story…NOT!

Surely cutting to one of the regional editions produced at GTV (presuming that there weren’t any technical difficulties with those) would’ve been a more logical back-up?


Exactly! Of very little interest south of the border.

Seven should cream Nine in Melbourne tonight.

Just had an acknowledgement from the Sydney newsreader that Melbourne viewers are watching. Better than the ABC can ever do when a similar thing happens!


Overton just welcomed the Melbourne viewers to Sydney!


Peter Overton just acknowledged that GTV was having technical difficulties. Doesn’t make it better though. Very NSW centric stories.
And just as I write this the Melbourne news is back.



Interesting to see the juxtaposition in presenting style between the two presenters as the Melbourne news kicked in. Hitch seems much more relaxed compared to Overton who comes across as a little more intense.

I wonder how many Melbourne viewers switched to Seven during the eight minutes Hitch was off air.


@AustralianAerial Well handled by Hitch tonight …who unfortunately has had these technical difficulties during bulletins in the past.


…or when Nine’s own Southern NSW/ACT regional bulletins have major technical problems which forces them to switch over to Sydney’s news, amazingly bad when both services are produced in Willoughby!


Hitch said in the closer
thank you for bearing with us though our earlier technical difficulties you can stay up to date on our website gremlin free l promise you:joy:


He’s surely the sweetest and most gentle newsreader on commercial TV. He also sends a message to all his followers on Twitter and Instagram when they first follow him. Very kind man.


Did the regional Victoria bulletins manage to make it to air without incident?

You have to wonder why GTV wouldn’t take that bulletin instead of the Sydney one. At least viewers would be getting news from their own state from a familiar face.


Probably wouldn’t work because the regional bulletin has personalised backdrops and I doubt that they would’ve had a Melbourne backdrop ready in time (unless they went ahead and just showed one of the existing feeds).


Since GTV and RVIC news come out of different control rooms I’d presume so, especially since there wasn’t a mention of technical difficulties with the regional Victorian bulletins in the relevant thread.

Umm, about that…

Although since Dougal Beatty is a reporter for Nine News Melbourne, viewers of that bulletin should be infinitely more familiar with him than Peter Overton.

For the sake of a back-up, would it really matter just as long as the problems are acknowledged on-air at the first available opportunity like what happened tonight? At least one of the regional bulletins would still likely still contain Victorian-centric content at the top.

Although the sad thing is, knowing their attitude to Regional NSW I genuinely would not be overly surprised if TCN were to still flick over to the Melbourne bulletin rather than using a Nine News Southern NSW/ACT bulletin (which I personally think should be Plan B, with NBN at Plan C before going interstate) as a back-up if such an error were to happen here in Sydney again!