Nine News Content and Appearance


2018 Victorian election graphics, seen in Melbourne tonight:


A “Heat Wave” transition animation shown in last night’s Sydney Nine News.


lol heat wave. #bless


who thought this was a good idea. ‘Bushfire Emergency’ I can understand, but heat wave, it’s not the end of the world.

The graphic looks so half arsed. Almost like the dept just slapped an orange colour overlay filter or two on the original transition, turned the opacity down to 50 or so and then in the background put a pic of Sydney. It would look so much better if they did it properly.


Yeah, but this is Sydney we’re talking about.

The media here absoutely loves hyping up Sydney weather events, even if we often don’t get it anywhere near as bad as some other places of NSW and Australia! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The world’s on fire.


Opener in Brisbane - good dress choice Melissa.

Credit to ABC


10 years ago, she couldn’t wear green, now she has to stop wearing her favourite red dress. Sigh…


And the second “story” was about how hot it was today


One wonders if Amber Sherlock managed to see that while walking back into the TCN newsroom which likely had one of the screens running QTQ and their version of Nine News? :wink:

Anyway, it’s time for the latest instalment of the increasingly regular “TCN reporters filing content from Northern NSW which probably should be the responsibility of NBN” series with Kelly Fedor at Coffs Harbour Courthouse:

Some very dodgy quality video used in that report too, probably lazily ripped from the internet:

This is a new sponsor, isn’t it?

Nine News Sydney might also want to fix this problem with a couple of pixels of their screen:


nup, the TCN won’t have QTQ news on… not even when it’s not daylight savings time.


Blending into the background.


Worse would have been her seeing Wendy and Melissa both wearing red on the 6pm preview in the Afternoon News. Then, when she switched over to 10 Brisbane, Georgina (the anchor) and a reporter both wore red. Gasp!!


While paying close attention to the background of live crosses to the TCN news exchange during the 6pm news in the past, I’ve seen what appear to be feeds of the Melbourne, Brisbane & Canberra bulletins on some of the screens.


As only @SydneyCityTV can do of course :+1:


that’d be on one of the multiview screens? not on big screen…


Yeah, it would’ve been one of the screens on which would be used to monitor upcoming feeds and (also during news time) rival networks.

Admittedly I don’t know how exactly what channels would be displayed on the larger screens at any one time these days since it’s been quite a while since we last saw them on-air. But I’m fairly sure it’d be the industry standard for networks to at least have access to feeds of their own stations from other markets. Eg, TCN newsroom having access to GTV, QTQ, etc.


not necessarily, the actual studio outputs arent sent between the news departments. it goes from the studio to presentation, it’d be incidental that TCN have access to it… where they could watch QTQ news if the operator wanted to…


You’d be surprised. When I did work experience at one of the commercial networks, it was usually in error if the Sydney studio feed popped up internally. The only interstate content we got was the other stations exchanging clean feeds of stories.


This seems to be a much attention to detail. Eyecatching though.

As compared to this

Hope that Nine Perth will make more changes to their weather segment.