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Was this just a Queensland story? About “TV and music streaming traps” and the “new shows” to look forward to over summer.

The traps? - paying for HD and multiple devices apparently are traps.

Apparently there are just 5 new shows to look forward to :roll_eyes: Wolf Creek, Outlander, True Detective, House of Cards and The Crown. (Last time I checked Outlander and True Detective were released episodically and while they could be streamed were primarily watched via a Foxtel box.)

Nine spent the last 24 hours promoting this story as the reason to watch the 6pm bulletin tonight; no wonder their ratings are dropping.


Is a stroy really first though, if nobody else wants it?




At least it wasn’t a beat up for Stan.


As seen on Nine Morning News


Hi everyone… this may sound strange but I wanted your thoughts on something.

Could you ever imagine a world here in Australia where a network like Nine adopted a US style local vs national bulletin.

Like would there ever be Nine National News at Six (time just an example) where for half-an-hour their is national content and international content. Federal Politics, Trump, Major stories nationally etc. The same bulletin into EVERY market, metro and regional.

Then at Six Thirty (time example) their would be Nine local news where for each city, regional and metro their is half-an-hour of local news, local sport and local weather.

I could not see it happening anytime soon but imagine how much better that would be… You would half-an-hour of quality local news in each city, metro markets like Sydney and Melbourne but also regional markets, like Wagga, North Queensland, Regional Victoria etc.

Would we ever see something like that… what are your thoughts?



That’s pretty much what BBC does in England.

I agree, won’t happen, unless perhaps Nine has a 100% reach (sole national coverage with no affiliations).

But I do like that model, it would be great.


I believe it been tried in the past and it doesn’t work here.


It would most certainly work for regional viewers who love their fully local bulletins. But not so sure about metro viewers who are equally used to their 30-60min composites.


I would love, love, love to see it happen but sadly I don’t think it would work in this country.

The networks would struggle to fill a half-hour national bulletin. You’d have a story out of Canberra, a couple of reports from the foreign bureaus and then what? You either load up on international news or start covering major state-based stories and in both cases most of your audience switches off because they’re just not interested. Australians are incredibly insular.

The existing format works because they can mix local, national and international stories to fill the whole hour while still keeping the audience engaged.

I think for Nine the resources would be better spent investing in local news after 9pm and at Seven on a new national news chat format at 7pm.


I agree.

Australia has local TV markets are intensely parochial with often fierce state rivalries (even in sport we’re divided when it comes to which football code to support during the Winter!), so the composite format is probably the best way to go for evening TV news in the major metropolitan markets in this country.


When the sponsorship message matches the headlines.


In theory that’s great. Did the ABC try something like this with The National in the 1980s?


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Why would it be better? No-one watches national newscasts at 6. They would kiss goodbye to most of their audience.


Closing shot in Brisbane.


Wentworth By-election Update:


Interesting graphics. Have they refreshed the election supers?


Why do the supers cover more than 1/3 of the screen?


That whole package, including the backdrops on the screens is awful.