Nine News Content and Appearance


Nine’s Afternoon News from yesterday:


Am I right in understanding that 4-5pm weekdays see Adelaide, Brisbane/Gold Coast and Perth get loval
Editions of “9 Live” and the rest of the country gets the national “9 Afternoon News”?

Do regional markets in QLD, WA and SA get the “9 Live” broadcasts or do they get the national news.

Do we know if there are plans to launch “9 Live” local editions in Melbourne and Sydney?



SCA just relays Nine Brisbane 24/7, so whatever is shown in Brisbane is also shown in Regional QLD.


Watching that Afternoon News compile - the new 9 News SNSW could learn a few things…

I like how they have multiple crosses to the weather and give varying information at different times, and it allows for some banter and miss things up.

Also like how they go straight to breaking news and not a filed story… not just the formulaic into / story / into story.

9 News SNSW really need a weather person - not pre-recorded weather from Newcastle.

This would allow for some banter with Venessa - and some chat. And although the full local forecasts for each Canberra/ Gong / Central West and Riverina would have to be pre-recorded - they could bring the weather person in a few times in the bulletin for a quick preview. Also if there is an extreme weather story - the weather person could present that.

They just need more variation - why not get some reporters to do crosses from the newsroom to intro stories?


Same for SCA and WIN in their respective SA markets

Whatever is coming from NWS is going on air which in this case is 9 Live Adelaide


Well informed post. I agree. They should pull a 10 and get rid of everything and just have a 5pm news. Ratings would skyrocket.


Not going to happen. Unlike Ten, I’m pretty sure Nine wants to be known for being a news-intensive network.


It was sarcasm.



Seems like a story which would’ve been better suited to ACA than the drivel they usually serve viewers on that show, not a bad promo though.


Why does Nine run both the desk graphic aswell as the lower third? Seems quite redundant seeing as you can only read the lower third


Hahah dear lord! It’s been how long and all of these muck-ups still keep happening. Do they need to clear the dinosaurs out?


That super is rather redundant as it is.

Nine and Seven: Just put the information about the breaking story on screen ASAP. You didn’t need to do this larger banner nonsense pre-2016.

If I remember correctly, automation was implemented at Nine News Sydney around this time last year.


Opener/sport/closer of tonight’s edition of Nine News Melbourne:



Terrible angle. Did no one in the control room think about how that shot would look with Cam sitting there?


“This just in: most of Cam’s torso”.


Nine Morning News with Davina Smith started at 11am to cover Melbourne Plane Crash.

Edit- the bulletin ended at the usual time at 12pm.


A new promo for Nine News Sydney produced by Kim McDougall (thanks to her for uploading this clip to YouTube), focusing on the bulletin’s NRL coverage in the lead-up to the start of the 2017 season:


Livinia’s stool makes an appearance for the first time in the opener (and I think this is also the first time Hitch has looked at his scripts during the closer as he usually already faces the camera during the opener without shuffling his scripts like Alicia).