Nine News Content and Appearance


This is going to sound controversial but IMO, the future of the weather segment on Nine News Sydney should be put under question.

When not only Seven News Sydney but also the regional NSW/ACT editions of Nine News (well, it’s NBN News up North but they have the same presenter) has a better main weather presenter than either the primary or secondary choices for forecasts on Nine News Sydney, surely something is very wrong? :confused:


It’s weird, because whenever I watch Nine News Queensland, I find the bulletin way more sensationalist than pretty much any other capital city’s Nine News. I dunno if that’s just exposure bias or if QTQ just skews more tabloid than its sister operations.


I’m not seeing a dramatic recent drop in the Nine News ratings in Sydney. What has been seen for over 12 months now is a slow decline in the bulletin’s numbers while Seven’s bulletin has been gaining viewers. This culminated in October 2016 when Seven won its first 6-7pm ratings outside an Olympic week, eventually winning six more towards the end of last year. Overall, across the full year Seven News was up 6% while Nine lost 7% of its viewers.



True but I do find Seven News Brisbane just as sensationalist.


Nobody cares whether David Brown or Amber Sherlock has a background in meteorology - they all get it from the same source. It’s who is more “likeable” - the weather isn’t really an important factor in choosing a news bulletin - as long as you have a quick 2minute wrap up its fine.

Put Brownie on the field during a weather cyclone or disaster and Amber with her journalistic experience would probably be more in her element?



From what I’ve seen, Seven News seems to be getting better ratings during the 2nd half of the bulletin than the 1st these days (it wasn’t so long ago when Nine took the lead during the 2nd half even when Seven did better during the 1st half) so that’s why I’m questioning if their weather segment might be a factor as to why the ratings gap has closed in Sydney during the 6pm hour lately.

And yes, I actually think the weather is one of the reasons why people still watch TV news. If it wasn’t an important factor in choosing a news bulletin, I doubt Seven would’ve been heavily promoting that David Brown is a meteorologist for about a year now.

Personally, I get the impression that all TV news services in Brisbane are generally more sensationalist (more relaxed/laid back in parts as well) than they are in Sydney or Melbourne.

Of course, Melbourne seems to prefer serious and formal methods of news presentation while Sydney TV news is somewhere between the Brisbane and Melbourne approaches to news.


I think 7 is scrambling to make it a point of difference to their news service rather than have any benefit. Personally for the Melbourne market I enjoyed seeing Jo Silvagni presenting as she was familiar and had personality.

For Nine to widen their ratings in Sydney, they need to promote the news service more and fix up their day-time bulletins - go back to 1 hour morning news.


Code word promo running on 9 News Gold Coast


Gold Coast News from tonight showing every story covered.


Others probably don’t share this opinion, but while I like Bruce Paige, I don’t like Wendy and Bruce together, and personally think 9 News Gold Coast would be better anchored by Wendy solo.


I agree.

They should shift Bruce to a new weekend edition with Wendy continuing on weeknights solo.


That would be perfect.


While Bruce Paige is a Queensland TV news icon, I agree that Nine Gold Coast News would probably be better presented solo by Wendy Kingston or Carrie-Anne Greenbank.

Also, the general On-Air Presentation of the bulletin could do with some tweaking. For a start, what’s with that hideous “watermark”? If you ask me, that one gives some of the stuff WIN pumps out a good run for it’s money!


Either of the two would be an improvement, as long as it’s a solo read - with their elbows almost touching, the space looks so small for dual presenters.


I just can’t believe Bruce is still around! Feels like he’s been around forever.


Move him to the weekend news for Queensland.


Looks awkward and cheesy when he presents from what I’ve seen on youtube. Give the gig to Wendy solo and put Bruce on weekends.


Bruce Paige used to read the ten eyewitness news in Brisbane in the late 1980s or the early 1990s then he used to read the QTV eyewitness news in Townsville in the early 1990s.


The Gold Coast audience love Bruce and ratings show that. When Bruce anchors solo he almost always wins in a big way. When Wendy anchors solo figures are a lot lot tighter.

Now that doesn’t take anything away from Wendy as a presenter but to remove Bruce would be a very big mistake for Nine Gold Coast News.