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Update on 9 Gold Coast headlines - on the Tuesday night caps seen above the Juice FM logo can be seen behind the headlines bottom left. This was moved to the top right on Wednesday. Video uploading.


How is this still happening?!
It’s almost as though they want to damage their credibility!
The set has been there for almost a month now?
Yet the systems are all plagued with gremlins/bad programming. It’s worse then the ABC had!

More like “See it first - The mess that is 9news”


Nine Gold Coast News new headline graphics video from first night, Tuesday last week. Also includes Wednesday with Juice FM logo moved as well as Thursday and Friday. Series of openers highlights the usual structure of the first segment of the bulletin and is an interesting contrast to Canberra and Illawarra. Warning - if you aren’t a fan of Bruce view with caution :slight_smile:


Ten use Mosart and hardly ever have any issues!


Found this article dont think it has been posted on here -
Quote “Adelaide and Brisbane will receive new sets later this year”


It’s interesting. The most under-resourced network is the one with no issues !


Wow! Can anything else go wrong in Sydney? At least it’s not the worst we’ve seen go to air. Pete handled it well like he always does. He must be getting sick of this…


Mark Ferguson: Alright, shall we throw to a break? No… I’ll keep going, if I could just… Right, OK, Maybe we will throw to a break? Actually, Maybe Not.


Haha, just saw Damian Ryan’s drug buy/bust at Taree courtside story… idiot druggies!


Even on Pete’s salary he’s going to run out of money by the end of Winter!


Queensland finally updated their backdrop for the daytime bulletins today:


Still think it should be the local backdrop.


That blurry/barely transparent backdrop is hideous (and I hate the 9News Canberra background picture).


But the quality of the bulletin still looks arse…:frowning:


As promised in the Nine News Regional thread, I’d like to comment about the direction Nine News Sydney has been going in lately. A long post I know, but it really needs to be to get to the point.

Before I go on, let me make it clear that I still think Nine News is for the most part, Sydney’s best commercial TV news service as far as content and (most) presenters/reporters are concerned. IMO, Seven is far too sensationalist and tabloid while Ten is unfortunately too resource-starved to make it a viable viewing alternative to Seven/Nine here in Sydney these days.

But personally, I’m not particularly satisfied with the changes (or lack of them, as the case may be) that Nine News management has made to Sydney’s #1 news service lately. This is without going through some of the other things that have really badly affected On-Air Presentation standards like the implementation of automated studio control.

Graphics/Set: I know many here like the newer look, but IMO it’s far too flashy and Ten-esque for my tastes. Traditionally, Nine has had some solid On-Air Presentation packages for their news service but before the current look of Nine News, I don’t think I’d say any of them have distracted from the content.

Personally, I feel that the current look of Nine News is actually a distraction from the content and have never quite felt comfortable watching Nine News with their current look. If a young enthusiast like me feels that way, you can just imagine how mainstream Sydney (especially older members of the population) feels about Nine News’ current look.

In particular, I despise the Ten-inspired elements and the ridiculous red “Breaking News” mode for the set/plasma graphics. Can’t we also just have the Information Super for a breaking news story on screen ASAP rather than having this large and distracting “Breaking News” super on? Seven and Nine didn’t need to do this garbage pre-2016, so why have they started?

And what’s with the need to have news/sport presenters standing for some segments? Aside from the biggest major news stories when you can justify doing something different from what you see every day, let the presenters take a seat for the full segment please!

Theme music: The version which Nine is currently using is almost a decade old. In contrast, Seven, Ten and the ABC have updated their themes at least once (and we’ll soon be able to say at least twice, even taking into consideration Seven’s failed 2014 theme) during this time.

The use of Nine’s current theme on the new regional bulletins with heavy usage of that repetitive headline bed really shows that a new version of the theme (preferably with some sort of “story” to the headline bed like Ten has, if you know what I mean) is needed sooner rather than later.

Voiceovers: In about 2-3 weeks time it will be four years since Peter Harvey passed away yet Nine still uses his VO recordings to open Nine News Sydney, Nine News Queensland and Nine Gold Coast News on a nightly basis. There’s absolutely no disputing that Peter Harvey was an iconic reporter for Nine and even though I personally disliked Nine using him for VOs while he was alive (Remembering the laughable “This is Nine New…” and “This is Nine News?” sounding intros!), I could understand them keeping those Opener recordings in use initially after his death.

But nearly four years on? Can’t Nine just use Matthew O’Sullivan for the Openers to Nine News in every market already? Even better for the Sydney market would be trying to get Brian Henderson to record some Opener voiceovers for our 6pm bulletin, but that’s probably unlikely to happen of course.

As always, I’d be rather interested to hear the agreements or disagreements of others on my personal opinion. :slight_smile:


What Nine management need to be doing ASAP is discussing why have they dramatically declined in the Sydney market in a matter of weeks? New set, Pete and Fergo returning, Hot Seat continuing… ? However, in saying that Melbourne audiences seemed to have embraced the new set with their ratings well beyond Seven News almost nightly.

[quote=“SydneyCityTV, post:2791, topic:67”]
Even better for the Sydney market would be trying to get Brian Henderson to record some Opener voiceovers …[/quote]

I like that idea very much.


You make it sound like they don’t have these kind of discussions daily, winning or losing.


Not a good idea. Elderly gentlemen lose strength and authority in their voice as they age and their health deteriorates. Hendo is a legend but his voice was definitely not at its best when last he appeared on television doing that Australian Story introduction.


re voiceovers - I’d like to hear something like the “deep voice” of Nine’s late 80s-early 90s promos to do the openers… I miss that voiceover style, most of today’s voiceovers on TV and radio just lacks that “impact”.


Melbourne’s set looks pretty good IMO. Plus Hitch, TJ and Livinia are all great presenters. As I have mentioned before, Peter Mitchell is very tight and nervous when he reads the bulletins, and Tim Watson and Jane Bunn don’t really shed any light on the bulletin (Jane Bunn is horrible as I have said over and over again).

I daresay that when Hitch retires Seven will retain some sort of a lead main anchor wise (only happens if Jennifer Keyte is moved to weeknights which is rather unlikely, plus if Nine uses Bec Maddern, it will be a different story altogether), but Nine’s new set is fields ahead of the rest. The only thing is Nine’s new graphics is a little too much for me, while Seven’s is rather clean and straightforward even though it’s not amazing.

From what I’ve seen, Peter Hitchener, Tony Jones (Because he is Hitch’s main fill-in), Alicia Loxley and Brett McLeod are the top four presenters right now on Nine News, and I daresay they are definitely the best in terms of overall presenters in Melbourne. On the other hand, Peter Mitchell, Jennifer Keyte (my 2nd favourite reader in Melbourne after Hitch), Jacqui Felgate and Nick McCallum are not quite as good and none of them (with the exception of Jen) has added anything to the bulletin, but let’s save this for another thread.

Like @SydneyCityTV said, Nine News is slightly better than the very Sensationalist and Tabloid Seven (At least in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth to a certain extent), but IMO Nine is not really any better in terms of content either, and while the strengths of the reporters I will commend, I have to say that the content they report on is just as bad if not worse than Seven’s at times.

As I have mentioned before, people should really give ABC news a try. It might seem wooden at first, but it’s such a slick operation that you will eventually get used to very soon…

One word, automation.