Nine News Content and Appearance


There was (another) automation glitch at the start of the Sport news in Sydney, with Cameron Williams’s intro accompanied by a black screen (with the 9 News watermark and nothing else) for 5 seconds, then a split second zoomed out shot of Peter Overton before the correct angle of Cameron appeared.



Not sure if this has been uploaded yet.



Hey 7News - start doing this and utilise your screens!


Ugh Nine why are you so pretty? All commercial and shit, yet gorgeous presentation.


Has there been any news on Brisbane or Adelaide receiving new sets?


The headlines were also presented from the desk tonight in Sydney.


Tonight’s gaff:

Spoke too soon:


It was NOT a good start to the bulletin, was it…

I feared for a minute we weren’t going to see coverage of the record breaking heat and being resigned to Melbourne news.

Fortunately things have gone reasonably smoothly since.


None that I’ve heard as of yet


Maybe it was too hot for the gear to run properly


I’m starting to think staff are deliberately programming errors in an attempt to get the bosses to revert on the automation decision :smirk:


I dont understand how 9 sydney can have so many on air fuck ups with mosart! Either they dont have qualified people entering info in ENPS, mosart “pilots” (ex directors) that dont want it to work or a really bad illegal downloaded version of mosart :joy:


Either that or a desperate attempt by Nine’s marketing department to go viral.

“WOW! You won’t believe what happens when the screens go black!”

“LOL! I can’t believe he actually said that when the lights went off!”

“You won’t believe how this newsreader reacts when the cameras take over!”

The millennials will come flocking to see what happens next. Event television at its best, maybe they could replace ACA with a new companion show at 7pm with live reaction and a recap of the hour’s best fuck-ups?


Slight change to the ‘Bushfire Emergency’ graphic.


The system really doesn’t like playing Lizzie Pearl’s reports:


Gold Coast News received the new headline graphics last Tuesday - only just noticed!


Technical issue number 1476


These kind of stuff ups with automation is happening almost nightly.

It is starting to cause damage to the Nine News brand, one that has prided itself on reliability and experience.

It is not looking very reliable right now, and thus looks inexperienced as well.