Nine News Content and Appearance


Enough with the live shots - unless its got some action in it (ie sunrise - martin place), give me a nice designed backdrop anyday!


Funny how Nine Perth’s new backdrops shows it’s raining when it’s actually sunny at times.


It’s also funny that they show a night backdrop for the weather on Nine Live Perth


At the beginning of the Morning News there was an issue with the lower third graphics not working:

The Today Show graphics appeared for a moment:


Is studio 24 automated?


Handover update: today they did most of the chat room, went to a break mid segment, finished the chat room, then went straight to Live. No weather or mini ad like last week, much better.


I believe so. I think only studio 22 is now the only studio not automated.


Melbourne using the left of set for special story introductions from reporters.


Nine unfortunately being at the right place at the right time having Gabrielle Boyle at Fairfield Local Court for a Live Cross then suddenly during the break a pedestrian gets hit by a car a few meters away.


Queensland received the new headline graphics tonight.


Stumbled upon this gem from the 70s featuring Sir Eric Pearce, The Late Brian Naylor and of course, our dear Peter Hitchener who is still going strong today.


Brisbane (yes from the HD channel)

That still leaves the Gold Coast


… And Darwin I assume


Does that mean Nine News Brisbane is now HD?


No - I mentioned the HD channel in case anyone was wondering why the images were so blurry - that’s what they look like in HD!

Video if there is any interest :sunglasses:




Nice to see they haven’t immediately forgotten about utilising the full potential of the set.


Tony Jones using the standing area!



WIN were instead reporting that the council can’t even.