Nine News Content and Appearance


Realistically, I think Nine News’ current sets & graphics would’ve been many months (possibly even a year or more) in the planning.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’d probably expect to see more tweaking and fine-tuning. The On-Air Presentation of Nine News we’ll see in mid-2017 will be very different to the On-Air Presentation of Nine News we saw in mid-2016.


On the note of tweaks, I noticed during Nine News Melbourne tonight that they have slightly altered the angles when using the screen for graphics. It’s zoomed out a bit more so you can just see above the screen, making it look less like a green screen.


The only reason they single out WA is because WA shows 9 News Now live at 12pm, and moves onto other programming at 1pm, while all other states continue with 9 News in one form or another.


Fair enough, their delivery of it was sloppy that’s all. Maybe a one off


I think its a bit stupid that Perth get to watch Nine News Now before Adelaide and Brisbane which show it on delay. Why don’t they just show it live everywhere?


Not missing much apart from a few wardrobe malfunctions.


That’s what Perth needs.

News First at 12 (or 1 when not DST).


I completely agree.

It would be a news overload, but I always envisioned that if they showed Nine News Now live, it would be on at 2pm, the “national” afternoon news at 3pm and the QLD version of the afternoon news at 4pm.


As suggested, some caps of tonight’s Nine News Sydney. The first bulletin for Georgie Gardner (and Tim Gilbert too I think, obviously Belinda’s first from this set was last Friday) in the new set:


Congrats to @SydneyCityTV for beating me to cap! Here are some of my caps of GG’s first bulletin on the new set (apologies for the quality as my internet isn’t as good as it can be)


Warning to especially female newsreaders at Nine Sydney - don’t wear red!


Not sure what the issue is, it’s good that it is live. Especially it’s a chat panel newsy type show.
A movie airs between 2pm and 4pm - (occupying hte 3pm original slot for Nine News Now). Which then straights into the 4pm local news. It’s a good break between news to be honest.


First at 5:


Seven’s 5pm news in comparison (BTW I absolutely hate Seven’s globe)


The only thing that lets that set down is the desk front. Should have fitted a custom made screen that extends to the edges of the space left for the screen, or made the desk shorter. The white (and red when breaking news) sections make it look unfinished.


Melbourne closer. Live shot appears blurry.


You would be forgiven if you thought Melbourne looked like Mt Everest tonight.


Still looks better than Perth’s painted backdrop.


Yes indeed !!
A live shot - No matter how miserable the whether - is ALWAYS preferable to any photo, video loop or painted backdrop IMO. I hate seeing a background of a fine sunny afternoon/evening when it’s dark or raining outside. I would rather see it ‘as it is’ on the day.


Melbourne looking positively HK-esque in that shot.