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9 Live Perth


Why watch 9 LIVE when you can watch 9 News NOW? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


More pics of the amazing production we’ve come to know and love from the automated Nine News Sydney…


That happened again tonight for the headlines recap.


This is actually becoming beyond a joke, the amount of times I have seen bloopers on Nine News Sydney is utterly disgraceful. I can go onto YouTube and type in “Nine News Sydney bloopers” and get a large bank of videos. Nine staff should honestly learn how to use this technology or don’t use it at all, other broadcasts never have this much trouble. I don’t know about you all but I’m fed up, this is Sydney’s number 1 news!


Agreed. You don’t hear the other cities, whom I’m sure use the same technology have this much difficulty with it


Some of those bloopers/technical errors in that pic pre-date automation though.

In any case, if this sort of thing is so much of a major issue for the general public they’ll eventually vote with their remotes (if they haven’t already of course).


Does Melbourne use the same system?


Then this just shows that Nine News Sydney has serious problems that need to be resolved.


Melbourne had problems again on the closer tonight. I’ve seen it at least 10 times.
Seems the Livinia throwback from weather to closing camera sweep is just all too hard. Livinia left blank on camera tonight and closing theme didn’t roll plus closing camera sweep just sat still.


Glad they’ve changed Overton’s standing position so he can block the godawful block 9 logo in the testcard :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I wonder if it’s deliberate. Hide ole’ boxy :wink:


New Breaking News setup in Sydney tonight


Adelaide now has the new headline graphics


Oh there’s been some pretty disastrous bloopers in Melbourne as well…


Now HERE’S a job!!!

Nine News Sydney @9NewsSyd

CALL OUT: Can you read lips? We are looking for a professional lip reader. Please contact us via our inbox. #9News


Only paying lip service …

The handover from 9 NEWS NOW to 9 LIVE/AT 4/whatever it is called today is a bit sloppy. 9 NEWS NOW says that they now leave WA viewers, have a run of what stories will be on after the break, ad break, one story, weather and then ends.

Followed by another ad, and then 9 LIVE begins. Just an observation, but thought they would have ‘dropped’ other regions at the same time who are heading into 9 LIVE


That happened in Adelaide today. The first couple of days hey waited for Amber to say “and now it’s time for Nine’s afternoon news” and they cut straight to Nine Live. Much better.


Really not liking the fake skyline background on Nine News Perth. I really hope and hope it’s just a temporary one until they redo the template of the main screen, otherwise it’s a waste of a great set. Gone from the best to one of the worst.


I honestly wouldn’t be suprised if they kept it, it doesn’t take that long to get the template used in Sydney/Melbourne. Plus planning for these sets would of been done a while back and 9 would of developed various templates to see what works and doesn’t.