Nine News Content and Appearance


My fingers are crossed, hopefully the dinky little plasma they added today is just a placeholder and not our version of the set update.


Gotta say, despite the hopefully temporary backdrop, Perth’s set still looks the best. :ok_hand:


Video of some of the elements from Melbourne tonight


These sets are really impressive. Beautiful plasma backgrounds.

Take note Seven Brisbane.


If they are gonna have these giant bugs on screen reading


Why not make use of the onscreen real estate and add a time stamp and local weather flipper for the suburbs of each city. Perhaps even traffic info

M7 North: Slow
M3 South: Fast



Sporadic thoughts on this latest set of changes.

  • 9 Live: woeful name. Doesn’t say anything as to what the program is: if it’s simply a 4pm news bulletin why deviate from the 9 News brand?

I get that 9 News Now has a somewhat different format, hence the different branding. That I can live with, but I’m not sure why you’d ditch the “news” from the bulletin title?

(I’m sure this is pure pedantry, but nonetheless)

That bug is too clunky for my liking: why the illogical layout?
9 (At 4PM)

See also: no local ticker, no clock.

  • GTV’s new set looks gorgeous. It’s been a while since I’ve been in that space, but it definitely would be physically bigger than the old set. Don’t mind the modified plasma - it’s better than horribly using a videowall. Those OTS graphics are woeful on the new screen - camera angles need a look at as mentioned.





Today Perth News still has the live shot. I guess they changing the template to match Sydney and Melbourne so thats why that backdrop was changed.


Similar to 9News Now they should’ve just called it “9News Live”, even if it flipped between News/Live like the old News/Now.


Probably not going to fit one of those new studios in here :frowning:


Far out! Remember when most of us were creaming about this new set because a certain user told us it would be like the best we’ve seen and better than 7 GC’s. Then we saw it and started to shit on it completely. Ahh good times.


That set is soo garish


I wish that set was brought to Sydney and Melbourne :joy:


9 Live Adelaide opener


9 Live Queensland


I know, those $100k curved plasmas look cheap next to that light box backdrop.


I wonder why 9 Live is still listed in the broadcast EPG and the ratings data (and everywhere else I’ve looked) as Nine Afternoon News.


No headline graphics or watermark for a minute or so this evening.


Have they chosen not to do headline graphics in Sydney, or is there something seriously wrong here?


It happens all the time on Sunrise. It is technical difficulties with the overlay graphics or something.