Nine News Content and Appearance


Notice that tiny 9News logo on the bottom of the screen is scrolling from left to right while Seven News is from right to left.



I’m sure the live shot will be back. They wouldn’t ditch it. Maybe they just changing the template on the main screen and using that image. Also on the news update, the live shot had water droplets on the lens (it just looked like giant blobs) so they might’ve just taken it off just for tonight.

It’s also way too plain. The sports backdrop is just one building :confused:


It looks quite good on screen. I was thinking the dark rainy city looks amazing until i realised it wasnt moving. Hope the live shot comes back.


Couldn’t agree more. Where’s is the opening shot along with the title card & VO!


Without that live shot the set looks dated.


Ironic that it’s called 9 Live but the backdrop isn’t…


That’s okay. Could you please do it one for both of them at some point though? I will do Queensland’s opener tomorrow.



Very nice use of the video wall.


They wouldn’t be able to do that in Melbourne. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes Perth’s weather wall is amazing :heart_eyes: hope Adelaide gets something like that soon lol


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I think Perth’s weather wall looks messy with all the screen lines on it. It looks especially bad on the outlook graphic. Also very weird Melbourne doesn’t have this video wall…


The Melbourne set looks much more spacious like in Perth. Sydney appears a little tight/squished. Shame about the video wall though (not that it’s really used a lot) I think Melbourne’s looks the best of the three so far!


There’s a video wall to the left of the set it seems…


I suspect Melbourne has something else planned, there was definitely a separate weather area in the promo from last week.

Interesting that Nine are doing a staggered roll-out. I guess we will see new weather presentation come to the east coast in the next couple of months as well as any other changes that are still planned (hopefully no change to the live backdrops unless it involves upgrading the cameras!!).


Yes but that separate weather area was filmed on the Perth set…


Aside from rebranding (and possibly localising for Sydney & Melbourne) Nine’s Afternoon News to “Nine Live” and maybe slightly tweaking the way that the weather is presented, what else do we think Nine News will do with it’s branding which we haven’t already seen/heard about in some form or another? New/updated promos once viewers start to get used to the new set?

As much as I’d personally like to see (or more to the point, hear) it be updated, unfortunately I can’t see Nine changing the audio elements (theme music, sound effects, voiceovers) of it’s news branding anytime soon.


In these caps you can see that Lavinias bit was filmed on the left of the set (either Melbourne or Perth) and Petes stuff was done in Perth based on the video wall to the right and the lack of the dark blue panels to the right of the curved screen as on the Melbourne set.

Further more, the red on the Melbourne set around the top and side of the curved screen is darker than the red surrounding Perth’s.

I think you’ll find that the plasma on the Melbourne set for weather is here to stay. It’s too dressed up to be a temp IMO. Unless it’s all changing when regional news starts, but I doubt it highly though. Nothing wrong with the jumbo plasma. I hate weather presented on the videowalls that aren’t seamless, it’s just looks messy and cheap.