Nine News Content and Appearance


Nine News Early Edition with Vanessa O’Hanlon:


CONFIRMED: 9 Live is coming to Sydney/Melbourne.


Livinia Nixon said to Hitch l loved what you have done with the place after her weather report.Hitch also said he hoped we liked the new set. :thumbsup:



9 LIVE Perth



The background looks better on here than it does on the tv. They should just use the live shot it suits the set better.


LIVE interview

Still not sold on the backdrop. Just looks like something WIN or Seven Perth would do! I think some animations on it will make it better.


I think the idea is to make the bulletin different to the 6pm bulletin. I wish I could say the same for the local 4pm News here in Queensland and at 6.


Promo ender


That opener is terrible.


So… is this commencing next week?


Sorry I missed the opener in the Adelaide one and was only taking screenshots.

Perth newsroom:


As minor as this is (and yes, I know it’s probably a traditional part of GTV’s news presentation), I really dislike the use of OTS/screen graphics with the chunky fonts on Nine News Melbourne. Maybe that sort of thing worked well for news graphics back in 1987 or 1997, but it definitely doesn’t look great in 2017 IMO.

The new Melbourne set looks pretty much as I expected (MCG background for Sport, etc.), but the lack of a videowall for the background behind the weather plasma is a little disappointing.

I wonder if these going to be separate local bulletins or just the current semi-national edition of Nine’s Afternoon News rebranded?


It does seem they have tried to limit the changes with the new set, using the same screen graphics they used on the old set. Also many of the camera angles used were all almost the same as used with the old set.

Anyway, a few caps of the final cross to weather and closer:


Funny seeing people say that syd and melb are almost identical to perth. Brah I think thats the point.


Was interesting that the stand-up presenting area wasn’t used.


No liveshot in Perth anymore.


no no Perth why you doing this… it looks crap. It’s still daylight why are they using that horrible backdrop. I don’t like it.