Nine News Content and Appearance


Uploading opener now


Looks awesome!


They are still using he hideous white block text with a still image OTS/backdrops! Gah. Cheapens the whole look


There was a brief skyline backdrop just after opener that looked very grainy


Here it is. Pete looks great!


I was just about to say the same thing. They should look at Sydney and Perth for OTS inspiration.


It’s always been a Melbourne issue. They don’t put any effort into them. It’s basically just a template for an image and white text. It’s disappointing!


Not very creative use of the set so far, might as well be siting in front of a green screen :slight_smile:


Same with the old set. Melbourne kept it very “basic” unlike the Sydney bulletin.


Here we go! Angles incoming :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I blinked

Even sport has the green screen look


Love the New Set way better then their old one with their new auto cameras


Melbourne’s set looks exact identical to Perth’s especially where the main screen meets the videowall to the left.

Been non stop moderate to heavy rain all day here in Perth so won’t see much of the LIVE backdrop today. Pretty much a washout.


Weather cross:


That right part of the set really looks different to both Perth and Sydney… wow

Like the right videowall better but that blue duratran… I dunno, it kinda feels like it leads into an alleyway


I don’t think the screen behind the screen isn’t actually a video wall


You might be right there… really only Perth really uses that part of the set for Today News Perth.


Like the back drop behind Tony Jones much better then what it use to be :slight_smile:


Yep looks like those horrible OTS graphics are finally gone :joy:


New ones are about 100x better.