Nine News Content and Appearance


Hope they don’t fall to their deaths from that position in the sky over Brisbane.


Let me guess: He’d say in the Regional Queensland versions as “This is Nine News [market area]” (e.g. Far North QLD, North QLD, etc.) Presenter names wouldn’t be mentioned like in Brisbane.


Edit: video


Actually looks pretty good


One minute promo


Night approaching on latest update




No change in voice over and opener basically the same.


Correct, Gold Coast bulletin will now share the same control room as the Brisbane bulletin, meaning that team will now be responsible for 90 mins of live news each night. The second Brisbane control room which was previously used for the Gold Coast bulletin will now be used for the regional bulletins.


Opener to bulletin


No surprise that there just happened to be BREAKING NEWS during the bulletin :slight_smile:


Did Aldi just announce new super savings?


Either that or something about Ninja Warrior.

One thing I’ve noticed is the super for stories are staying on for about a second too long so that they are still on screen at the start of the next story. Here, the super refers to the previous segment.


First standing presentation


The live shot of Brisbane is very blurry…this set relaunch seems a lot more underwhelming compared to the others for some reason!


Weather will be on-location as predicted



First one looks strange.

Rest of sport


Closer “Hope you like our new look”.



A full bulletin of tonight’s Nine News Queensland: Link