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Networks seemed to struggle with trying to visually explain the Singapore Airline turbulence tonight. This is what Nine came up with.


That’s a great visual to the viewers understanding the situation


I thought Nine explained it pretty well.

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Same. I don’t see the struggle.

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Nine newspapers now reporting.


Nine announces Director of News and Current Affairs

Nine today announces the appointment of Fiona Dear, currently EP of A Current Affair, as the new Director of News and Current Affairs.

This appointment comes at a time of rapid change in our news division as we continue to rise to the challenges of an ever faster, more dense media environment and an audience craving original news content that is delivered accurately and timely whenever and wherever they are.

‘Fiona is an outstanding news person, who has worked tirelessly here at Nine across all our broadcast news brands and perfectly understands our news culture of excellence. We are excited to see her lead the outstanding team of people in television news to bring the full range of news and current affairs to our audiences,’ said Michael Healy Director of Television on the appointment. ‘At Nine we pride ourselves on our news brand, that heritage lives in the hearts and minds of Australians and has done so for over 60 years.’

Fiona Dear began her career as a work experience kid at WIN Wollongong and since those heady days she has worked diligently through the WIN Network from Wagga Wagga as a reporter to Canberra for WIN as a reporter and Chief of Staff.

‘I got a call from Nine inviting me in to talk about life! And look where that took me, from Canberra to the COS in Sydney at the heart of our beating news brands, it was exhilarating and scary all at once. I was in no doubt I was working with the best in the business.’

‘I’m honoured now to be given this role, and I look forward to the challenges, the news that makes our business great and leading our people as we tell Australia’s stories every day.’

News and Current Affairs has an outstanding track record of delivering the very best original breaking news. From the recent outstanding breaking news coverage of the Bondi Junction attacks to the long form excellence in our Current Affairs portfolio of shows who work so brilliantly with our colleagues in Publishing and Radio.

Fiona will oversee the roster of Channel 9 programs from our 6pm News bulletins, breaking news teams, Today, A Current Affair and 60 Minutes.

Fiona has led the team at ACA for the past five and a half years including the handover from long time host Tracy Grimshaw to Ally Langdon who today presents the most successful Current Affairs program in Australia.

‘A Current Affair is a special family, it’s a team who care passionately about getting to the heart and soul of every story and I’m so proud to have had the opportunity to be a part of this brilliant team. I won’t be taking my eye off the ACA ball, but we will be announcing a new Executive Producer in due course,’ said Fiona today.

At Nine we continue to look for the best and most efficient way to structure our business and this alignment of News and Current Affairs within the broader Total Television business reflects the reality of how our programming teams work with the news division.

‘Fiona has been instrumental in developing some of our most important news brands. We are delighted that she will lead our News and Currents Affairs teams as they continue to build on the exceptional results they are delivering,’ said Michael Healy today.


That’s awesome. Congratulations to her. About time to have a female on board


Interesting that the role is now under Michael Healy, rather than directly into Sneesby.

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Creating a deliberate gap from the exec level maybe?

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Director of Television would be a senior executive role I would assume.

I think it’s more a reflection of how Nine’s business has changed, they used to have a CEO who ran a television network (basically the same as what the Director of Television does today) and now have a CEO who oversees a large and very diverse media company.


A good appointment. She worked on the 6pm bulletin in Sydney, so not solely a current affairs background. Not surprising, given the allegations, that they wanted a female in the role.


Now if only she can update WIN News to Nine’s current look and music.

Her jurisdiction doesn’t cover WIN News though, that’s up for WIN to decide


First time we’ve seen the phone graphic on the new package? :telephone_receiver:


So confusing :smile:


I don’t think it’s that confusing?

Nine are not claiming any exclusive or anything…

Who is this person though?

He’s a professional boxer with underworld connections.


So many commercial breaks on 9News QLD tonight. Is this normal? It’s like the 4th break in 30 minutes.

Also, it really bothers me that there’s no cross to sport. Jono just appears after an ad break.

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