Nine News Content and Appearance

All metro markets have the new mic socks. Does the Gold Coast have them?



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TJ didn’t have a microphone on for the sport preview. Pretty funny.


Don’t need to ask for a clip. Will see it during The Sunday Footy Show :sweat_smile:


Poor NBN, they just got screens in their desk and now they’ll be the odd ones out again before long. :joy:


And it’ll be on 9Now anyway.


Sydney and Brisbane had in studio sports presentations with a cross to Suncorp for tonight’s Magic Round game that Nine is showing.


Nine news boss Darren Wick resigned after complaint from female staffer

Nine Entertainment’s most senior news boss left the media company earlier this year following allegations of inappropriate behaviour toward a female staff member.

The Australian is not suggesting that Wick did behave inappropriately to a female member of staff; it is simply noting that a formal complaint was made against him.



Nine’s sordid ‘cover-up’: ex news director’s alleged inappropriate behaviour kept secret

The Nine Network has been accused of covering up allegations that its former director of news and current affairs Darren Wick behaved inappropriately towards women.

The secrecy of Wick’s departure from Nine has infuriated some employees at the network, particularly women, with many aware of the nature of his alleged behaviour.

There is now an internal revolt over the claimed cover-up, with journalists concerned it exposes the company to accusations of hypocrisy.

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Garden Gurus on Nine right now the hell??
No morning news??

Wondering that too. Has anyone checked the Sydney feed?

Must be some technical difficulties. Did Today Extra run normally?

Uh oh.

Yes it did. No problem there

Who did the news headlines on Today Extra??

Ummm I didn’t see. Just switched on when they were doing the outro waiting for the news to start

Nine Melbourne just began “ExploreTV”. Don’t think any morning news today.

Same for Syd

Something is up at TCN

The Today Show and Extra went fine this morning