Nine News Content and Appearance

Their promos aired for it and River94.9’s website mention that it is a ‘simulcast’:


Well yeah it is

Noticed watching the Adelaide News last night, that going to breaks they just have 1 anchor on screen, not both. I wonder if they’re trying to fool the viewers into thinking it’s just the next intro.
Only time you see Kate and Brenton together is at the start, throwing to sport and at the end.


While it is a simulcast, what I was pointing out is, because of the difference between analogue FM broadcast and the digital processing lag of DTV, the news makes it to air on FM before the TV broadcast, so they are not truly in synch. And that can only happen if they are using a direct link to the studio rather than off air.

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What about for the weather preview and report? If so, that makes for 5 times they appear together, which is probably enough?

Do they share any report intros eg. Brenton reads the first few lines, Kate the last?

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Nup just one of them throws to the weather, and to finance.


How bizarre. I remember when the Adelaide product was a decent bulletin. Seems it’s just a mess now. Still don’t understand why they cut the voice over down to just “This is Adelaide’s Nine News” not even on super to tell the viewer who the anchors are.


If it’s a big story they’ll share a report intro. For most it’s just one or the other.

In the opening v/o, they alternate.


Could also be transitioning to one anchor? Budget cuts?

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I wouldn’t be surprised if this is indeed a transition to single anchor.


If so I wonder if Kate will retain the role or if Brenton will? Considering Kate has been the main anchor longer one would think. Stranger things have happened.


Literally the last thing they need given that the gap between them and Seven have widened significantly back to the John and Jane days.


I wonder what was the gap between them and Rob Kelvin/Kevin Crease when the latter two were at the helm of NWS?

I know Nine News hasn’t won a ratings year in Adelaide since either 1999 or 2000.

They definitely shouldn’t go to a single anchor, it would only make the gap larger, it’s not the presenters that are the problem, it doesn’t help when SA viewers are fairly set with watching 7 programs whether it be Sunrise or the primetime shows.

Last year NWS had a win was in 2007 I believe.

They’re certainly part of it. Brenton has never made the transition from goofy weather man to serious anchor, letting go of Michael Smyth way back when was short sited. Kate certainly doesn’t have the gravitas of Rosanna or even Jess Harmsen, and Will on weekends is very wooden.


Sydney opener with Mark Burrows:


Old graphics package transition featured in a sports report on 9News QLD tonight.
Soz for bad cap….


Nine Queensland claims number one in the ratings for 2023 - Brisbane metro based on average audience.



Honestly don’t know how they’re still on top. Simple as that.