Nine News Content and Appearance

Sure but they have a habit of using first on when other states rarely / never do.

There also comes a point when the story is no longer exclusive and it should be dropped. Just because you promo’d the story doesn’t mean it is still exclusive if your competitor has it too and has been showing it all day.


“First On” is still pretty prevalent in Queensland. We even get “First on Gold Coast” from both networks. This was the other night.


Umm… not sure if you looked at your caps but there is also the word “Exclusive” in the red box above the super…. Which was on screen for half the report

First on 9News has been around for almost 10 years which it originated as “see it first”. Don’t really get why we are up in arms about it now….

Don’t think anyone is. Just trying to work out if there is a specific reason Melbourne and Queensland use a mix of first on and exclusive while others don’t use first on at all.

Seems to be no consistency or reason behind it.

Well apparently they don’t us exclusive enough… so the consistency seems to be “first on 9”

It’s probably more what resonates with the market more in the promos which is what makes them chose the “tag” for the story.

Sydney using “only on” tonight.


What no Adelaide?

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You can only post 4 photos to Twitter. So they only chose the important cities :tipping_hand_man:t2:


But I like Adelaide though… I think it’s unique with its small skyline.

Sydney is the clear winner of those 4 choices.

Adelaide has skylines? :rofl:

Tbh… all four look average in those pics. Definitely not the best shots of each city.

Has playout in Melbourne glitching out for anyone else tonight, or is it my TV?

Nine’s interest rate reports are easily the longest running over 3 minutes.


Nine News 6pm promo as broadcast to the Gold Coast promoting a story on the “Gold Coast Show”.

But the same promo as shown in Brisbane says the story is about how to save money at the “Ekka” .

The story was about the Ekka with no mention of the Gold Coast Show.


I didn’t want to know the top temp in Horsham anyway…


9 and 18

Nine News Updates from the broom cupboard this week. These are shown about 5:25pm to the Gold Coast market and follow a local update.

Brisbane gets something like this at about 5:50pm

Meanwhile tonight Bruce Paige crossed to “Melissa” to find out what was happening in the 6pm bulletin - something that used to be live - but tonight Andrew took the throw “Thanks Bruce” in an obvious pre-record :slight_smile:


Does he not wear a jacket?

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