Nine News Content and Appearance (2015-Sept 2020)

To expand further on this, Nine are reportedly wanting to cut the news division’s $180 million budget by as much as $30 or $40 million.

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You’d think 60 Minutes, regional bulletins and local Afternoon News would be the products most at risk of being axed?


And according to the snippet of the Daily Telegraph article, it is because they are not broadcasting the NRL.

And while I have kept saying I doubt they are axed, now it sounds a lot like they will be.


It would seem that way. Nine still needs Australian content to fill the schedule so national news programs would be cheaper, you would think.


Already Nine News Now has copped the axe without so much of an announcement from Nine.

I think it was warranted, given that bulletin was followed by the local afternoon news which IMO was simply overload.


When discussing current/recent Sydney TV news ratings, it’s really important to keep in mind that just about every news service has experienced increased figures of late - some of the viewers that have been tuning in recently are probably people who otherwise haven’t regularly watched a 6pm bulletin in a decade. It would be reasonable to assume that many of the viewers who’ve switched back to Seven recently aren’t necessarily disgruntled Nine viewers, many may be people who haven’t really had their TV on for an evening bulletin since 2010 or 2011.

Graphics wise, as much as I personally think Nine’s current package doesn’t quite hit the mark I don’t think that’s a particularly major issue - Sydneysiders flocked to Nine during the Late 1990s/Early 2000s while they had a somewhat dated look compared to the fresh and bright graphics on Seven & Ten at the time.

I would agree that Nine News Sydney needs a new promotional strategy, but my preference is probably for something a bit more community minded than the bombastic campaigns we’ve come to expect over the last decade or so.


Early News:


Should’ve turned the camera to the right a bit and removed that screen. Then boom!


Its the Today set, they are not going to change something for half an hour.


At first glance I actually thought that was a graphic edited in, not a screen! :laughing:

Well I mean, they used to do that for all their bulletins, so I don’t see how it can be hard to move a screen and turn a camera…

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Sydney promo


I’m seeing something different. News numbers now are about the same as 2016 so there is no need to go back 10 years. And at that time Nine was well ahead in Sydney. So it seems that Seven News is up at the expense of Nine.

Here are some numbers from the first Monday in May for Sydney.

2 May 2016

Nine 6:00 326,000
Nine 6.30 331,000
Seven 6:00 270,000
Seven 6.30 264,000

4 May 2015

Nine 6:00 342,000
Nine 6.30 349,000
Seven 6:00 247,000
Seven 6.30 271,000


This ad does not reflect reality, or at least not for a very long term. It’s all good and well to be positive, but this is just wishful thinking.

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Melbourne are still playing promos with the 2006 theme.


If every news service has experienced increased figures of late, then why isn’t 9’s margin big and in the lead?

The Chase has made inroads into 7NEWS and 9NEWS has terrible promotions - also TODAY isn’t probably helping either.

9 needs a new heavy hitting promotional campaign with new graphics that look more serious than lifestyle and more ‘firsts’ - this trick works.


In reading that, what i sense is that 60 Minutes (especially) will basically use Skype for more stories rather than sending the reporter on location.

Interesting comment about Today as well and whether they will stay in the automated studio or not.

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While it’s suited during these current times, a reliance on services like that is going to diminish their (9’s) product.


Nine just needs to keep its news platforms alive and ride this Covid 19 wave out.

If this means conducting skype interviews and utilizing the automatic studio, then so be it.

Its important to keep the foundations of the news department going. You can always re-build later.