Nine Network - Programs and Schedules

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Nine seem to have given up on Manifest.


Married at First Sight goes until 9:30pm on Monday 28 Jan.


Both Seven & Nine are expecting their viewers to make a movie-length commitment to their flagship Q1 “reality” programs? That’s ridiculous!


Is Manifest online only now no plans to return it to air?


I reckon Manifest will air after New Amsterdam on Wednesday nights at around 10pm.



Sunday 27 January
06:30 pm Australian Open Tennis Pre-Show
07:30 pm Australian Open Tennis
12:00 am Taken S1 Ep10 Season Final

06:30 pm Australian Open Tennis
11:00 pm Taken S1 Ep10

06:30 pm Australian Open Tennis Pre-Show
07:00 pm Australian Open Tennis
11:30 pm Taken S1 Ep10

04:00 pm Australian Open Tennis Pre-Show
04:30 pm Australian Open Tennis
09:00 pm Nine News
09:30 pm TBA
12:00 am Taken S1 Ep10

Monday 28 January
07:30 pm Married At First Sight Season Premiere
09:30 pm Movie: Fifty Shades Darker (2016)
11:50 pm Chicago Justice Rpt


I looked at Channel Nine Perth guide for Sunday 27 January 2019 and noticed that at 9:30PM they will have 2x repeats of David Attenborough Blue Planet II.


So let me understand this. 9 have arguably one of the biggest launching platforms for their ratings schedule and they air two movies in the days after the event? Seems a bit stupid to me.


Nobody sticks around on FTA after 9.30. A premiere movie would be your best bet to boost late night shares.


Better than The Latest definitely. Despite the fanfare on here when it was announced, the show has done nothing to assist Seven at late night.


I know what I would watch if I had the choice between Late News and a movie that is filled with plenty of ads.


As I have said time and time before, networks haven’t axed Lateline, Nightline and others for the fun of it. There’s a reason and it is because people don’t watch and financially it’s not viable. You appear to be in the minority on this and always have ABC News 24 as an option.


Just because it doesn’t appear viable and worthwhile today doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t try and reverse the trend. A premiere movie airing in the late night slot will do diddly squat as those who want to see it would’ve already seen it in cinemas.


You don’t understand business or the need to make money.


Not saying it isn’t. I am saying they are launching shows like bad mothers in the same slot a few weeks later. Why not just air straight out of the tennis to give it the best shot?


Sure. The Latest probably isn’t making money but a movie probably isn’t going to do any better or rate better. If it does then the networks would flooding the timeslot with movies, but they’re not.

The fact that MAFS will crucify MKR this year it seems Nine are just going cheap post MAFS with movies and old New Amsterdam is basically a sign that Nine are hoping that they would get easy wins. Thankfully it’s not too long before we have some proper local productions with Bad Mothers and Travel Guides coming.


Someone literally just explained movies boost late night shares because they run for longer. They’re also cheaper to put to air.

Sure the ABC doesn’t need to worry about making money so there may be a public interest case for you to make there, with regards to them airing Lateline or something late at night. But on a commercial network, if your viewers aren’t watching it why serve it to them? Imagine if McDonald’s customers went off the Big Mac, sales plumetted and customers were flocking to Hungry Jack’s. Should McDonald’s keep Big Mac on the menu even though nobody is buying it? Same applies in tv.


Let’s wait and see. If the movie on Nine rates pretty well for late night then we could see Seven and 10 following the footpath of Nine.


I am not debating the cost or the boost in shares. I understand all that. I just don’t understand why they have Bad Mothers airing the week after and I thought it would make more sense airing the day after the tennis final, rather than a week later. Especially when they have been promoting over the course of the tournament. To me it isn’t exactly the smartest programming move.

Edit: sorry I think your comment was about Lateline or whatever.


I see your point - wasting the MAFS lead-in on a nothing movie. But I thought it may have something to do with wanting to keep the drama content for during the official ratings period? Not sure though