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It’s 10pm filler and only in two markets. Not sure what the issue is either.

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Wonder if theyd ever do a Beauty and the geek with the geek being female …probably never gonna happen…

Unfortunately, it looks like this season they are sticking with the “Geeks are all males” stereotype and vice versa. I would like to see next season (if there is one) Male and Female “Geeks” and vice versa.

They did it in the version that was on Seven, including a male beauty as her partner.

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Thursday 14 July

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
07:30 pm Under Investigation S01 E09

07:30 pm My Way
Savannah Way Special A very special edition of My Way is heading to the Savannah Way in Queensland to meet some of Australia’s most spirited people who are creating incredible experiences for travellers along this remote and spectacular northern region.
08:30 pm Under Investigation S01 E09
09:30 pm Paramedics Rpt
10:30 pm Nine News Late
11:00 pm New Amsterdam S04 E08
11:50 pm The Equalizer S02 E10

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Update: Under Investigation is out of the schedule for tonight - replaced by RBT (Rpt)

what happened legal issues maybe my mum suggesting

Is this the Nine equivalent of Border Security?


Perhaps just logistical issues getting the program edited and to air on time. Perhaps, leaving it to a week where Nine needs the content as opposed to one it will easily win.

Or perhaps it was a “media beat up”.

That was my immediate thought


Week commencing 24 July 2022

Sunday 24 July
07:00 pm 60 Minutes
08:00 pm Beauty and the Geek S02 E05
09:20 pm Social Media Murders Series Premiere
10:20 pm Nine News Late
10:50 pm The First 48 Sudden Death/Devil At The Door
11:40 pm The Killing of Jessica Chambers S01 E06

Monday 25 July
07:30 pm Beauty and the Geek S02 E06
09:10 pm Emergency S03 E02
10:10 pm 100% Footy (Syd, Bri) Footy Classified (Mel, Ade, Per)
11:10 pm Nine News Late
11:40 pm Manifest S03 E10

Tuesday 26 July
07:30 pm Beauty and the Geek S02 E07
08:45 pm Botched S07 E02
09:45 pm My Feet Are Killing Me S01 E02
10:45 pm Nine News Late
11:15 pm Law & Order: Organized Crime S02 E13
12:00 am Game of Silence S01 E05

Wednesday 27 July
07:30 pm Beauty and the Geek S02 E08
08:40 pm Travel Guides Rpt

Sydney, Brisbane
09:40 pm True Story With Hamish & Andy Rpt
10:10 pm True Story With Hamish & Andy Rpt
10:40 pm Nine News Late
11:10 pm Chicago Med Rpt

Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
09:40 pm Footy Classified
10:40 pm Nine News Late
11:10 pm Chicago Med Rpt

Thursday 28 July
Sydney, Brisbane
07:30 pm NRL Thursday Night Footy Sea Eagles v Roosters
09:50 pm Thursday Night Kick Off
10:35 pm Nine News Late
11:05 pm The Equalizer S02 E12

Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
07:30 pm RBT Rpt
08:30 pm Paramedics Rpt
09:30 pm New Amsterdam S04 E10
10:30 pm The Equalizer S02 E12
11:20 pm Nine News Late
11:50 pm Murder For Hire Rpt

Friday 29 July
Sydney, Brisbane
07:30 pm NRL Friday Night Footy Eels v Panthers
09:55 pm Golden Point
10:35 pm Movie: Blown Away (1994)

Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
07:30 pm Children’s Hospital S01 E07
08:30 pm Movie: Tammy (2014)
10:30 pm Movie: Identity Thief (2013)

Saturday 30 July
07:00 pm A Current Affair
07:30 pm Movie: Instant Family (2018)
09:50 pm Movie: Daddy’s Home 2 (2017)
11:45 pm A+E After Dark Rpt


Notable that Nine seems to think that 60 Minutes will pull a higher audience at 7pm then the geeks.


Was just going to mention this, very interesting strategy given prior scheduling.

Also that there’s a TBA in the schedule after BATG, normally they’d go to the late news around that time on a Sunday but I guess 60 Mins usually provides a better lead in for the earlier time on Sundays.

This line-up, you’d think, will probably struggle to pull a 10% main channel share. Also considering the Comm Games, ABC’s dramas, 10’s Dog House and any m/c competition.

[quote=“TV.Cynic, post:4315, topic:43”]
11:45 pm A+E After Dark Rpt
What the heck is A+E After Dark?

A look behind the scenes at Hull Royal Infirmary in Kingston, England, showing the night time challenges faced by the National Health Service staff working in the Accident and Emergency Department.

They must’ve foreshadowed tonight’s premiere to be a flop.

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…or they’ve noticed how wells Seven’s Spotlight has been doing in the slot in recent weeks. Stupid thing is Seven decided to shaft Spotlight to a later slot tonight to accommodate Hey Hey It’s the 100th Airing of Crusty Old Clips from Red Faces when it’s been one of the only programming bright spot in the schedule during the endless Big Brother snoozefest.

A little bit of lull in Nine’s schedule, before the new season of The Block starts in August.

Reckon they’re holding it off until at least the week starting 14/8 so as to avoid a clash with the Commonwealth Games on Seven (note - the Closing Ceremony for that is the morning of 9/8 AEST).