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The use of “Nine NBN” as a hybrid brand isn’t itself a bad idea - particularly when you consider the TCN and QTQ overlaps, it’s the inconsistent use that is all wrong.

The 6pm bulletin should then be called “Nine NBN News” and the ridiculous Nine News cover ups should be banished. And they should reintroduce the NBN watermark add on across the network.

Facebook needs updating, the website is already Nine NBN branded.

You’d only then have the issue of the network promos.

Either that, or as you say, go 100% Nine branding.


It looks good, but I think it should just be 9.

Sorry, straightened it a bit to get a better look!


It always pays to check your number 1’s NBN… if it’s too yellow, drink some water.

So NBN is Number 1 but you have to press 8 on your remote, only then to find its really 9.

But then 1 + 8 = 9 !!!



Here’s the promo:


NBN is not a network.

It’s a station.


But there’s multiple NBN variants for parts of NNSW and the GC, so it could be argued it’s a network.


TCN, GTV, QTQ, NWS, STW and NTD are TV stations branded as 9 and affiliated to the Nine Network.

NBN is a TV station branded as 9|NBN (at least this week) and affiliated to the Nine Network.

No amount of opt-outs or market variations make a station a network. I will die on this hill.


Serious question: What do NBN see themselves as? A full member of the Nine Network or just the local Nine affiliate which happens to be owned by the Nine Entertainment Company?


The latter I think… if they were a “full member”, I think they would have 100% branding 24/7 for everything including online.


I suppose as long as they perform

  • High Ratings
  • Good ad sales
    Then Nine won’t interfere with the Formula NBN has.

NBN NNSW and 7 Tasmania are still the highest rated stations (Highest share) in the nation I think, Even more so than 7 Perth

We don’t know how NBN is rating in comparison to the other stations. I haven’t been able to access the Regional TAM reports all this year. They had in the past been publicly available, the same as OzTAM. I wonder why Regional TAM has effectively put all their reports behind their paywall. Surely, you would think, Nine and Seven would want to promote the success of the regional stations they own - NBN and Seven Qld?


here you go my friend

Ratings Success for NINE NBN in 2019

The 2019 official ratings year ended yesterday and for the 27th consecutive year NINE NBN is again the year’s Number 1 Television Network across Northern NSW and the Gold Coast.

NINE NBN secured a total people network share of 34.4% ahead of Prime’s network share of 26.1% and Win’s 16.3%. NINE NBN has again claimed the top position in all key demographics and this dominant share represents an increase of 2.5% on last year. This success across Northern NSW and the Gold Coast is even stronger when compared to Prime’s decrease in share of 4.8%.

This year NINE NBN won all 40 weeks of official survey and secured all of the top ten programs for 2019.

NBN News, the only local News service each and every day of the year, continues to lead the ratings with NBN News Sunday being crowned the Number #1 News program for 2019 . The dominance of NBN News along with the reliable slate of family-friendly programs confirmed we are again the preferred destination for viewers.

NINE NBN ’s highlights for the 2019 ratings year include;

  • Highest Total People share for the year
  • Number 1 with key demographics – 25-54’s, 16-39’s and Grocery Buyers
  • Number 1 Newcastle, Northern Rivers and Tamworth/Taree sub-markets
  • Number 1 News Program – NBN’s Sunday Evening News
  • Number 1 Reality Program – Married at First Sight – The Final Dinner Party
  • Number 1 Light Entertainment – Lego Masters - Launch
  • Number 1 Sports Event – State of Origin Game 1
  • Number 1 Other Sports – Sunday Footy Show
  • Number 1 Current Affairs – A Current Affair
  • Number 1 Specials – TV Week Logie Awards - Arrivals
  • Highest Rating Breakfast Program – M-F 6-9 Today Show

In 2020 viewers will enjoy a year-round schedule of premium content that will continue to deliver proven consistency. Returning programs Married at First Sight, Lego Masters, The Voice, The Block, Australian Ninja Warrior, Travel Guides and Doctor Doctor will join NBN News, 60 Minutes, A Current Affair and the Today Show .

New programs to join the schedule include;

Halifax: Retribution – Rebecca Gibney returns to reprise her role as psychiatrist Jane Halifax.

Informer 3838 – Based on the events involving gangland lawyer turned police informer, Nicola Gobbo.

Parent Jury – Opinionated mums and dads will judge each other’s parenting skills.

Emergency – A gritty new medical observational documentary series with unprecedented access to one of Australia’s busiest hospital emergency departments.

Source: Nielsen Regional TAM, Weeks 7-47- Consolidated 7, Week 48- Overnight, Excluding Easter. Nthrn NSW Total Individuals (unless specified).

Network Share% [FTA (excl Spill)] 6pm-MN Sun-Sat. Programmes ranked by AUD.


That’s not what I meant.

GWN might give them a run for their money :wink:


And 7QLD too.

I see that Nine use the callsign GCQ (or very similar) for its Gold Coast feed, which is basically an opt out of QTQ. I guess that’s not strictly even a station, is it?


To my knowledge that’s only used internally, but there’s an argument there - in much the same way that in a regional market, one station may have multiple advertising feeds

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