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As per a recent article from The Australian/post from @littlegezzybear, the executive, programming, marketing, legal and production areas have already moved there.

The newspapers will move next month, TV in October. It’s to my understanding that radio news will also move to North Sydney while the rest of 2GB/2UE may stay at Pyrmont.

Why aren’t the rest of 2GB/2UE moving to North Sydney? You’d think it’d make sense for everything to be grouped in together.


Maybe Pyrmont can transmit a better radio signal than North Sydney?

My thought is that maybe Nine would have to lease more space to fit in 2GB and 2UE? And maybe they can’t break the existing lease at Pyrmont?


Though the transmitters are both at Sydney Olympic Park.

Wouldn’t the content to be transmitted come via IP-based delivery? Or are they still using microwaves?

It will be interesting to see if NBN News production is moved there soon too, given the dilapidated state of their Newcastle studios which will be demolished to make way for apartments.

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thanks and thats also really sad to see Nine do this.

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Why? It’s 60 years old and dilapidated. It’s holding their news service back in technological terms.

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It’s no different to what every other network has done in every metro cities. The facilites are old, the large studio space is disused. It’s more cost effective to move to smaller upgraded premises, plus they can future-proof the new tech to see them through the next couple of decades.

IIRC Brisbane has the only metro stations that haven’t been relocated closer to the CBD, all three networks are still on Mount Coot-tha.


Exactly. Nine Sydney is moving from Willoughby to North Sydney in the near future, sure it’s sad that there’ll soon be no more stations locally still in their original studios (not the least because Nine was Sydney’s first TV station back in 1956) but this won’t be the end of the world.

The concerns I have about NBN’s move probably have less to do with new facilities (especially since an upgrade to HD for NBN News is well overdue) and more about the fear of possible cutbacks to the local news service. While NBN News continues to rate well, I’d be extremely surprised if the temptation to centralise production/presentation to Sydney wasn’t playing on the minds of the NEC hierarchy in recent years.

…and that’s only because they have a 99 year lease on Mt Coot-tha. Had the Brisbane studios been located somewhere else, based on the experiences of other metro markets they likely would’ve moved to places in/near the CBD sometime in the last decade or two.

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Not sure where to put this but has Nine always been a sponsor of the ‘Melbourne Awards’ by the City of Melbourne?

Has Seven cut back on their sponsorship with the council?

Just saw an ad on Nine Sydney for 2GB (as below)…
My only surprise is not having seen one before.
Has anyone else, or seen ads on Nine for 3AW, 4BC or 6PR in those markets?


Managed to catch footage of the TCN helicopter landing after tracking the final 747 flight ( - watch the last few minutes). It is still based at Willoughby. Do we know where it will be based once Nine finish their move?


This is the site of the old NTD Nine Darwin tower and adjacent land. The land the old Nine studios are on was not part of the proposal.

Presumably any new development application will need to be severely scaled back, so I wonder if that will affect the value of any future development on the site of old Nine studios.

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Nine had plans to sell the site to the developers as the devs also own 4 Blake Street - so if they had the site they could basically redo the whole street.

It really needs to be done though. The area is quite rundown and the old Nine Darwin tower building has been squatted by local homeless people. It’s a common trend in Darwin for residents to reject any sort of new development in the city for no apparent reason.

Despite that, Nine’s building is still in an operational state with power clearly on - I’m not sure why they would keep it on for 7 months after vacating the site. A maintenance man visits once a week though.


I didn’t realise Macquarie Media used to have a PR agency?

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Yes. It was owned first by Macquarie when Singleton was the majority owner. While it had some big clients, it also did work for 2GB and Singo’s mates like Gerry Harvey. It was very small. It tried to branch out into Melbourne a few years ago and they set-up an office there, but that experiment was short-lived.

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