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To be fair, this is the modern day standard office layout. Seen a few corporate and media organisations that work like this. Not as nice as the corner desks, but can cram more people in (with the obligatory electric standing desks - novelty for the first few weeks, then people are seated again).
Prob is offices like this don’t play well with Covid restrictions.


Surely there’ll be provisions made for the workspace at North Sydney to be more pandemic-friendly if the situation is still as bad as it is now by the time the move happens?

Probably sit at every second desk or just middle one. With cleaning at the end of shift.
They have to allow when things go back to “normal” whenever that is.

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i work in a law firm and the desks are like this. they added little break out rooms for private calls. the problem is that we are always on calls and video conferences so the rooms are always packed.

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Yes, work from home.

I’ve worked in the office spaces with individual rooms and it gets lonely/claustrophobic at times. I don’t mind open spaces but Channel 9 has done this better in all the other capital and regional cities.

I’m suspecting this isn’t complete and will have the privacy screen added between the tables as what’s shown in the other pics. I would reduce the number of tables personally and group journalists per their category/department.

Terrible workplace to work in.

This WAS the modern day office prior to Covid. Most people don’t work well in these environments. People feel like they’re just a number in these corporate office setting.

Love how they chuck in the fake pot plants to give it life.

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Well I’m sure it beats the old cottages at Willoughby.

Most newsrooms look like this in the interests of “collaboration” etc. Apparently people can only do that if they are tripping over each other.

Hotdesking is a nightmare, but it is a reality when bosses decide “this is the COS desk” every shift or “the live news team operates from this pod” and can be multiple rotating people.

Watching over the crammed researches and journos like a hawk!

I now work out of a school that looks like this. It’s fucked. You’re up each other’s arseholes all day, private space is at a premium and everyone books breakout spaces for days on end and you get fucked over. And this is a fucking school - I can’t imagine how fucked this setup is going to be for the remaining employees.

Basically, I’d rather be working from home if this was the setup. These places are designed by hipster fuckwits who need to be eviscerated at the earliest possible opportunity.

someone needs to get laid



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You two think I’m kidding?

Small spaces aren’t necessarily conducive to any sort of meaningful output if its not done properly. Anyone who is expecting people to work in this sort of space in a post-COVID world is a fucking idiot.

I was joking, but yes it’s too cramped. This works better in smaller scale offices with perhaps 1-2 rows not a whole room with hundreds of people.

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According to The Australian, Nine’s executive, programming, marketing, legal and production areas are all moving into 1 Denison St today. The Sydney newspapers will move in August, and television news will move in October. It still hasn’t been decided, apparently, if 2GB and 2UE will move or stay where they are, located beside 10.

Which leads me to ask … Ray Hadley always referred to the building 2GB is in as the Alan Jones Building. I wonder if the name has now changed? :grinning:

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Looks like some new branding? Perhaps a potential hint at new on-air presentation? Seems to hint at a renewed focus on the 9 balls.

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It’s part of the coportate branding I would assume and not on air.


Nine’s corporate brand colour seems to be black now, with a mix of the light blue, so this doesn’t look anything new tbh.

I’d just say something that’s been updated since their new premises, and maybe not something we’ve seen much of before.

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