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Yes, they have two studios each. My understanding (might be wrong here) is that Seven originally had all four but sold or sublet two to NEP a few years after they moved in.

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Except 10.

Is it strange that Nine are playing ads for 9Voyager? Saying if you spend $15,000 they’ll make your ad for free, plus giving the incentive of Qantas points for every dollar spent.

I understand they’re using the product that they’re selling (ad spots on tv) but it’s an extremely tiny market to be targeting on TV.
I suppose it’s not costing them much to do so.


They are forgoing revenue for a spot that could be sold to someone else, so it’s costing them money in that sense.

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10 do it with advertising for in10sify…


If you’re only mildly interested, you could make a 10ative booking perhaps?


Depends where the spots are. With the multi-channels the networks must have plenty of flexibility in fitting in free spots.

I’m sure I’ve seen them during Nine News in Sydney. That won’t be so cheap.

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Surely both Nine & Ten would be using space otherwise used to promote network promotional time (or at the very worst, unused advertising time) to highlight the virtues of booking advertising on the network?

Although it does surprise me that they’d be showing such spots in key timeslots like during Nine News Sydney. You’d think that since Nine has been #1 in the market for several years now, they’d already be attracting the most interest from companies who want to advertise on Sydney television.

you can never have too much pie.

9Go has returned to normal numbers of 93 and 99.

9Gem HD remains on 95


Which market(s) is this?


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I always used 93, I think because it was close with 9Gem so easy (92 --> 93 or up one channel)


Yes, I would often get 92 and 93 mixed up.
But at least it’s sorted alphabetically ie

92 = 9Gem
93 = 9Go
94 = 9Life

Though having 9Gem HD on 95 has upset the applecart there!


Nine will have a new neighbour in the 1 Denison St, North Sydney building with Microsoft signing a lease for levels 25 to 31.


Pleased to see that 9Gem is back to HD again in Melbourne. :slightly_smiling_face:


Drove past the new Ch 9 site while visiting Darwin, appears that no progress has been made on the building and they are meant to move in Aug/Sep.

Their current site hasn’t appeared on the market yet either.

@TV-NT ?

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